More Masks!

Is everyone completely over talking about masks and making masks and wearing masks?!? Believe me, I know the answer to that question, I know you’re yelling at me through that monitor or phone screen what your answer is but I’m gonna do this one final Blog about masks and then I’ll never do one again (I mean I hope not but who knows what the future holds lol!)

My daughter Ella is heading off to her first day of school tomorrow as she heads into Grade 12 (gulp!) and we’re prepared like every year with food for lunches, school supplies, new clothes and shoes! This year of course, we also have the required masks so she is ready to go with 5 new pretty ones!

I have, of course, made masks for my family and friends, and pretty much everyone seems to like the ones I make….except Ella lol! We all head out in our custom masks and there she is in her blue disposable one! The ones I made felt too restricting for her, she found it harder to breathe in them, and was always trying to adjust it on her ears….trust me, it was painful for all of us lol, so I bought her the disposable ones and we were good!

Then I had a brainwave…..why not make her a pleated one!! I know I probably should have thought of this sooner but better late than never right lol!! As you can well imagine, there were oodles of patterns and I could have sifted through each of them until I found just what she wanted orrrrrrrr I could deconstruct one of the disposable ones and simply replicate it…which is exactly what I did!! SUCCESS! She picked out her favourite shades of Kona cottons for the exteriors and then we went through my stash to find some fun interior fabrics. Not only will her clothes be coordinating, but so will her masks!

So that should be the end of my mask making right? Uh, wrong!!!!!! I have been seeing a new “unique” looking mask lately and I decided to do some investigating. I heard 2 pretty incredible claims about these masks…..1. makers were noting that even though there’s no attached nose piece, your glasses still don’t fog up and 2. they’re the easiest masks to breath in as they have more space around the nose and mouth!

So here it is….this is the free Contoured 3D Face Mask pattern from Japanese Sewing Books that I made up for my husband and myself and we absolutely love it! I’ll be completely honest that I don’t love the appearance of it quite as much as the previous ones I made for us but I do love how unrestricted I feel, the breathing is easy and it feels comfortable too! It is a free pattern that is available in 6 sizes. She provides the pattern pieces but the actual pattern is a video tutorial that is very well done and easy to follow! One thing I found is that I think the sizing is a bit small. I originally made a Size XL for my husband but it wasn’t big enough for him but it fits me perfectly!

Have any of you tried this mask, or do you already have a favourite and there’s no need to try anything else?!?

Ok so that’s it on masks…for awhile anyways….I hope!

Have a great week everyone….stay safe, healthy and have fun sewing!


6 thoughts on “More Masks!”

  1. Hi! I’ve been making masks to sell for a while now and just started using this pattern as well. It seems to be the preferred one for the little kids! It’s nice that there is no right side up so if they put it in upside down it still fits the same and it seems to stay put and not slide down their faces as much.

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    1. Do you mean the pleated one or the 3D one is best for kids? I ended up putting a nose piece in the pleated one for my daughter as she wears glasses and without the nose piece, her glasses were fogging up! Without the nose piece it would absolutely work both ways…and it could be reversible too!!

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      1. I meant the 3D ones work well for kids, but I can see that with the pleated ones too. I was mostly making the more fitted style for everyone until I came across this one. It looks like your pattern is slightly higher on the nose than the one I use. It probably fits even better!

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  2. It looks like the mask pattern I got from the “Orange Dot quilting” website. It is comfortable and has more breathing space. I quite like it. I also like the Iris Luckhaus mask pattern which is a pleated one with a nose wire. Masks are certainly not one size fits all!

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    1. That is such a true statement…we are all unique so it makes complete sense that one type of mask isn’t going to work for everyone…which is probably why there’s thousands of patterns! I’ll have to have a look at those patterns too.. thanks Daria!!

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