Bags – Part 2!

Very seldom do I repeat sew a pattern and if I do, you can bet that a lot of time has passed in between the projects…..unless you’re talking masks but that’s a necessity sew, not something that I chose to sew because I really really wanted to lol! You may assume that it’s because I disliked the pattern or I haven’t found one that I loved to sew or that I’m always disappointed in the final product, however, this is absolutely not the case! While I have indeed sewn my fair share of things that didn’t turn out as I had hoped or the pattern was a complete waste of money (even if it was free which is really saying something isn’t it lol), that isn’t the reason I don’t repeat a pattern, the simple truth is I get bored very easily lol!! Repetitious sewing seems horrible to me and why I’ll never be able to quit my day job and just sew 1 million bags exactly the same and watch my bank account overflow lol!!!!

So after that first paragraph, are you going to be surprised when I tell you right now that not only did I repeat a pattern that I made up in July (too me that’s a short time frame lol) BUT I made 2 at the same time!!!!!!!! The pattern I’m referring to is the absolutely awesome Begonia Drawstring Backpack by my favourite designer, Blue Calla Patterns!

Fabric: Pug Life, Kona Black, Root Beer Glitter Vinyl (discontinued)

This was the Pug themed one I made in July and here’s a funny tidbit for you……I don’t even have this bag anymore! I sold it to our FedEx delivery fella who has a girlfriend that is, like me, slightly Pug obsessed! On one of his deliveries he asked us who the Pug bag hanging in the back belonged to (which was a different Pug themed bag that I made from a Blue Calla Pattern, the Moonflower Tote Bag), which of course was me, and when I told him I had made it, he immediately inquired if I could make something for his girlfriend for Christmas and I was more than happy to oblige! We decided on a makeup bag and he was happy to report that she absolutely loved it, which made my heart happy! Right then and there he asked if I would make her something else out of the same fabric that she could use day to day for her birthday in July! When this Blue Calla pattern came out, I was sure it would be perfect for her and he agreed when I emailed him pictures of the finished bag….so alas, no bag for me *insert very sad face*!!!!

I was overjoyed with this pattern and the finished bag, and was more than a little sad when it went to it’s forever home but honestly the pattern goes together so quick, I could see myself making another one to keep….at some point!

So a few weeks ago in comes the same FedEx guy and guess what he asks for lol?!? Yup, another Pug backpack EXACTLY LIKE THE FIRST ONE!!!!!! My worst nightmare, right? Right….except with that cute little Puggie fabric, I can do it!! This one will be for a Christmas gift for a niece who needs a bag just like her Auntie so what choice do I have!!! He did ask for a 2nd one in Nightmare Before Christmas fabric so if we have any of that arriving in the store, you know what I’ll be up to!!!!

So that should be it right for that pattern then right? WRONG…..

Fabric: Pug Life, Multi Packed Puppies, Kona Chocolate, Root Beer Glitter Vinyl (discontinued)

Yup, I made 2 this past weekend, and by my own choice!!!! Full disclosure….I ran out of fabric to make the straps for the Pug one but since it’s not needed till Christmas, I have some time!

In case any of you loyal readers can’t tell from this post and my previous ones……I absolutely, positively LOVE dogs!!!!! Pugs are definitely my absolute favourite breed, I’m sure that’s another thing you might have picked up on, but dogs in general are so important to me!

Shortly after we moved to our current area, I stumbled across this local dog rescue organization and after reading every bit of information I could find on them and almost every FB post they shared and perusing their website, I became such a fan. It’s called Happy’s Place and just have a quick read of their mission statement to see what I mean:

“Our Mission: We rescue senior dogs by request who are still able to lead a quality life but who are also at a higher risk of euthanasia or unable to find forever adopted homes due to old age, medical needs such as chronic illness or special need, or other factors, including cases where dog guardians can no longer care for their senior dog due to their own health or other reason.”

I encourage you to go their website and read about all the good they do, I’m sure you’ll completely understand my feelings! Some of the posts are gut wrenching and hard to read but it’s real life and we have to understand that these things are happening in all of our communities!

Anyways, before I get all sappy on you here, what I will say is that I know my capabilites and I can fully say that I don’t think I could foster a dog knowing that it probably won’t be with me very long. I wish I could but I don’t think my heart is that strong so I will leave that part to the experts! However, when I read the following FB post, I knew how I could finally contribute:

“Do you LOVE senior dogs? Want to help us make a difference In their lives? We are having a silent auction on our Facebook page November 5-8 and we need your help to make it a success. We are looking for new items ( both non animal and animal related), which we can auction off. In return we will link your business page or tag you personally in our posts too if requested. Due to covid restrictions we’ve been unable to fundraise as we normally would. 100% of the funds raised in this auction will go towards our vet bills to help senior dogs find their happy again. Have something to donate? Please message us here or email us at bennettmartha@hotmail.com to coordinate pick up with a volunteer. Together, we are making a difference in the lives of so many senior dogs♡♡♡”

So guess who dropped off 3 handmade items today to be added to the auction, one of those items being a Begonia Drawstring Backpack?!?

I hope they help to bring in a wee bit of money to help this amazing organization! If you’d like to read more about this group, I encourage you to check out their website at Happy’s Place and be prepared to be inspired!

What groups/charities are you passionate about and why? I’d love for you to share them with all of us, we all need to see some goodness in the world right now, more than ever!

Have a great week everyone, and Happy Sewing!


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