It Has Begun!!

While the calendar might tell us it’s still November, has anyone seen the signs that we are indeed inching/being pushed closer to “that” time of year?!? Has your favourite radio station changed it’s tunes? Did you stroll through Walmart on October 31st drooling over all the Halloween candy and then November 1st you headed in to scoop up that same Halloween candy at a discounted price but then, to the right….BAM, Christmas decorations galore magically sprang up overnight!!!!!

I love, love, LOVE Christmas!! Let me clarify…..I love the feeling of Christmas; the traditions, the family time, the food, the lights, the decorations and, oh, a favourite part for me is when a complete stranger says “Merry Christmas”! There’s just something so nice and warm about that small gesture, it warms the cockles of my heart!!!

Two other things signify to me that the holiday season is on it’s way:

  1. All those cheesey and traditional Christmas movies overtake Netflix and tv with a vengeance, which I am a complete fan of so I will happily watch every one of them and love every second of it lol!

2. I start sewing Christmas projects! I’m not one of these people that sew all year round for Christmas, heck no, that would be way to organized of me and trust me, that will never happen lol! I may have ideas throughout the year of things I’d like to make for Christmas but the actual completion of those things will be much closer to the big event!

So to start off this holiday sewing, I made something practical…..a placemat! Yup, you read that right, there’s no “s” on the end of placemat, it’s not plural because I did indeed only make one!! It will indeed serve a practical purpose, as most placemats do, which is to protect my refinished table, but it will also be to showcase a ceramic piece that I just completed, which I’ll share with you right after I tell you how I made my placemat!

I used the template from the Oval Shaped Placemat Tutorial and then followed the directions from the How To Sew An Easter Egg Placemat patterns, both by the talented Ina of Crafty For Home and within a very short period of time I had this cute little placemat! I did both sides in the same Grey/Red Scenic Trucks – Henry Glass cotton but one could absolutely do different fabrics on each side for a completely different look whichever way was facing up! I just love that big red truck with the tree in the back! I can almost picture families of long ago piling into the cab, dressed in their warmest woolies and boots as they head home with the perfect Christmas tree that they just chopped down, I can almost smell that tree and sap as if I was in that big red truck! If can get all of those holiday feels just by looking at a picture of a truck, it occurred to me that I need that truck in my home, only a slightly smaller version of course, and I knew exactly how to do it…..make my own at my local ceramic studio, Muggs Coffeebar and Clayroom!!!!

So my friend and co-worker Wendy and I met up one morning and we painted and chatted and drank our yummy pour over coffee….it was lovely! Wendy painted a Christmas tree for one of her Granddaughters and I painted that truck!!! It was much more detailed than I had imagined and took me over 3 hours to paint, but I loved every minute of it!

You may think those lights are just for appearance…but think again. šŸ˜

Isn’t that the cutest!!!!! I prefer to use the glazing painting technique for ceramics as it’s much for forgiving lol! Instead of having to have a super steady hand during colour changes and defining lines, it kind of melds together and looks like you actually planned it to look exactly like that lol! It is much darker than the traditional red truck that you see but I love it, it looks old and as antique as it should….and those brush strokes? Well that’s the rust and decay of the truck of course šŸ¤£!!!

What signals the beginning of the holidays for you? Do you have holiday projects planned and finished? I’d love for you to share what your holiday crafting looks like!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Sewing!


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