Sports, Sports and more Sports…..and New Minky too!!!

After quite a long “due to Covid” delay, we are happy to say that the NHL Canadian teams Cotton fabric arrived on Thursday, December 3 on a huge skid filled with many boxes! We 3 Funky Monkey Fabrics women dragged and pushed and tugged and yanked and lifted and shoved and did whatever we needed to do to get those boxes in our building….a nail or 2 was definitely broken in the effort!!!!

Even the actual delivery day was unexplainably delayed by a whole day….and believe me when I say that we came in prepared to cut, cut, cut….and nothing!!!!! No shipment, no explanation, no nothing! When Melissa called to see where the shipment was, she was told we were priority…for the following day ugggg!!! But as soon as that pallet was dropped off Thursday morning, we immediately dragged the very, very heavy boxes inside, pulled out enough bolts of each team to get us started and we were off to the races!!

We are proud to say that within 3 days we had all 1000 orders cut and shipped….again, by the same 3 of us! We. Worked. Our. Butts. Off. Truthfully, we were just so happy that it had finally arrived and knowing full well how many people were patiently (well, most were patient, some….not so much!) waiting for this sought after fabric, fueled us to work the long days to get your orders out to you!

Did you happen to miss the deadline to order and think that you’re out of luck? I’m happy to say that you need not fret, Melissa ordered a wee bit of extra of all 7 teams, so you can go ahead and order yours now here!

Calgary Flames, Edmonton Oilers, Montreal Canadiens, Toronto Maple Leafs, Ottawa Senators, Vancouver Canucks, Winnipeg Jets

Hockey not your thing? Are you one of those Customers that has been waiting, and waiting for the Toronto Raptors Cotton and/or the Toronto Blue Jays Cotton? Wellllllll, hang on to your britches……guess what also arrived?!?

Now, a word of warning….the Blue Jays fabric literally has wings, cause it is absolutely flying off the shelf (I’m so sorry for that, it was uncalled for lol!) so if you want some, I’d hesitate no more! Put this Blog reading on hold and head off to get it ordered….if there’s any left at all!!!

And now for something not sports related but uber-dee-duber-ee (you try spelling this word that’s completely made up by me, I dare you lol!) cute…..new minky from Dear Stella, Timeless Treasures, and of course Shannon Fabrics! I will start with a picture of my absolute favourite one first, and it really shouldn’t be a surprise to any of my readers what it is lol…….

Can you just hear the squeal of pure joy that I emitted when I first saw this?!? And did I then proceed to eagerly beg Melissa to allow me to immediately buy 2 yards to make a blanket?!? You better believe I did, and here it is…….

I paired it with the Red Minky Rose and it matches beautifully and was the perfect Christmas movie watching blanket!

Here’s the rest of all that soft goodness……

Aren’t they just amazing! Which one is your favourite? Don’t worry, you can pick them all if you want, no judgement here!

I hope you have an amazing week and find some time to sew something spectacular and then come and share it with us!

Stay safe and healthy!


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