I Can See the Finish Line!!

We’re almost there folks, the proverbial “finish line” is oh so close, I can almost touch it!

When I first began my marathon of a project, the transformation of my outdoor furniture, it seemed like such a huge project and I was worried I was taking on more than I could actually do but this week I finished the biggest single part and I’m glad to report that it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had imagined!

Here’s a couple of before pics to remind you of where I started! The rocking chair was a Mother’s Day present that I received the year after I got the sectional, and as you can see, it’s enjoyed by everyone lol! And the after pic…are you ready?!?

Ta-dahhhhhhh! I am so in love with all of it so far, I can’t even tell you!!!! And full disclosure, we had a wee bonfire so we could test out the furniture comfiness rating….and it passes with flying colours lol!

As I shared in a previous Blog, I used the “How to Make a 30-Minute Box Cushion” tutorial from Sailrite to do the seat cushions but when it came time for the back cushions, I just decided to take one apart to not only see what exactly was inside, but also I could then use the material pieces as my pattern! It was so easy, even the corner pleats turned out great!

Inside was just a piece of upholstery batting folded in half and after letting them sit for a few days, I was happy to find out that I could re-use them, there was no unwanted aromas and the batting was in great shape!

The only change I made was to add a zipper closure on the bottom so I would be able to remove them for washing in the future. I followed the exact same method as the seat cushions and it worked like a charm. This did mean that I wouldn’t be able to have the buttons again, which I do like how they look but having the covers easily removable was more important to me!

So all in all, I made 2 long seat cushions, 2 square seat cushions (rocking chair and corner of sectional) and 7 back rest cushions (5 regular rectangle ones and 2 angled ones for sectional center). I purchased 10 yards and I still have approximately 1 1/2 yards left for another project which is yet to come!

I hope you’re enjoying taking this journey with me! I’m so looking forward to the day that all the mini-projects that are making up this refreshed and renewed space are complete and I can share the final outcome with all of you….also I can’t wait for it to warm up outside so we will actually be able to use this space too!

How are you coming along with your big projects? Any tips or tricks to keep us all on track are always welcomed!

Have a great week, stay safe and create something beautiful for you or someone you love!


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