It Was Bound to Happen!

Yup, it was only a matter of time, you know what I’m talking about right? When things are going so smoothly, things are all working out, all your projects are reaching an end and they’re turning out just as you planned, or even better? Well, in my world anyway, that means that soon “IT” will happen, you don’t know when or how or why but you know that eventually something is going to be a complete and utter disaster. Well, “it” happened, and just for you, I took photographic evidence!!

I shouldn’t complain really, it has been a hot minute since such a disaster has struck my sewing room, thankfully, but it still hurts just the same! So anyway, let me catch you up on what happened!

I’ve been wanting a new purse/bag for awhile and since I am a self-professed “Bag Lady”, that means that I need to make myself one. I certainly have no shortage of patterns but on several occasions I scrolled through them, waiting for one to speak to me, to yell “PICK ME”….but that never happened. I would then sift through my fabric stash looking for inspiration there….still nothing!! Eventually I kind of convinced myself to try a new pattern from a fairly new-to-me pattern designer, “Sincerely, Jen Pattern Company” I have been following her and her designs for quite awhile now because she names all her patterns off of the Friend’s show, which cracks me up and since I love that show, also makes me adore her lol! I have actually mentioned her before in my Blog, it was her Christmas Stocking pattern, aptly named the Holiday Armadillo Stocking, that I used last fall to make all of my new stockings, however I’ve never made any of her bag patterns yet! So I decided that it seemed quite practical of me to go ahead and pair one of her patterns with the Friends fabric I have patiently sitting in my stash, and then in no time at all I’d be carrying my new purse…right? Dead wrong sista!!!

I knew I wanted a crossbody bag so I decided upon the Central Perk Crossbody With the usual rush of excitement I always get as I begin a new project, I gleefully prepared my pattern pieces and soon the journey was underway!

Step one I almost quit lol!! Ohhhh sewing that little pocket at the front was NOT fun, which Jen, the Designer, fully admitted on her video sew-along, but she also said it was probably the worst part so I trusted her and carried on!

Next “issue” was I sewed my lining for that pocket with 2 different fabrics….while certainly not on purpose, I decided to just laugh it off and call it “creative”!!

More silly things kept happening so I recognized that this one had me beat and it was just best to try again the next day with fresh eyes….that would be all it needed to get me through to the end construction of the bag. I was so close, I was pushing myself and making mistakes I wouldn’t normally make as a still self-professed “Bag Lady” so I bid my sewing room a luke-warm farewell, warning it I’d be back tomorrow all bright-eyed and bushy-tailed as the saying goes!

good morning pic

New day + big cup of coffee + puppies was sure to = success so back down I went. Things were going fairly smoothly, the end was near, although I’ll admit, it seemed to be taking forever to make this bag, obviously this “Bag Lady” is out of practice!! And then…..the proverbial “straw” happened. THE ZIPPER KNOCKED ME OUT!!!!

I’m not one of those sewers that has a deep seated fear of zippers, I actually quiet enjoy sewing zippers and never balk at them…..until now!! I aligned it, I re-aligned it, and then re-aligned it again when it shifted for the hundredth time, and then finally I successfully sewed it in…UPSIDE DOWN!!!!!!

And with that, I snapped that pic strictly for your benefit then promptly turned off the light and walked away, a failure. I’m wise enough to know when I’ve been beat so for now, I shall admit defeat and live on to battle back another day because I will battle back and I will be the victor….just not today!!!

Have you had this happen to you? Plleeeaaassseee share your misery with me so I can feel slightly better about the whole thing!

I truly hope that I’ll absolutely love this bag when I do finish her and that I don’t hold this resentment forever….either way, I’ll share a pic when I finally finish it….I almost for sure promise too lol!!!

Have a great week, create something wonderful and please share it with all of us!


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