Victory is Sweet and Comes With a Plus One!!

Yesssssss….I was the winner of that last battle (thankfully cause I really didn’t want to lie to you rofl🤣)!! In case you’re confused as to what I’m talking about, let me catch you up…..last post wasn’t the usual “rah rah I love my finished project” kinda post because, well, I didn’t finish it lol! But as I’ve already said, I won…I battled back and finished it fairly easily and here’s the photographic evidence, starting where I left off and then the finished bag!

Sadly this Friend’s fabric was discontinued but we do have this one still that is similar “Friends Stuff“. I used Black Webbing for the handle. Zippers were out of my personal stash!

Isn’t she so fun!!! To remind you, this pattern is the Central Perk Crossbody by Sincerely, Jen so of course I just had to use some Friends fabric right?!? And if that’s my thought process, you may be wondering why the heck I chose fabric with balls of yarn on it for the lining!!!!! Well, while there is indeed a very funny episode where Phoebe is trying to learn to knit a scarf, that’s not why I chose it!! I’ve made a lot of bags throughout the years and each time I started a new one, I’d buy fabric specifically for the lining, even though I have plenty in my stash that would be great even though they didn’t match 100%! That meant all those fabrics I bought because I loved would just sit there, all neglected because they weren’t the right pattern/shade/theme?!?!? I realized that’s crazy so now I will use whatever the heck I want for the lining as long as it brings me joy….hence, balls of wool 😊!!

Now you might be curious about the “Plus One” in my title but to explain that means I have to give you yet another look into the thought process that goes on inside my head lol, that being, how can you possibly have a new bag without also making a new wallet?!? In my brain, you simply can’t so let me also share with you my new matching wallet!!

Isn’t she also the cutest!! I’m not usually a gold lover but out of the colour options I had on hand, I liked it the best and I think it compliments the fabrics pretty well! To help tie it all together into a neat little bow, I used some Honeydew Grunge that I had on hand for the accent fabrics!! The pattern I used is The Boon Wallet by XOXO Lauren and can be found in her Etsy shop. This has been my favourite wallet pattern for quite awhile now, I just love the look of it, how slim it is and how fairly easy the directions are! Now I will warn you….sewing that curve on the back is not for the faint of heart. I think this time it took me 4 attempts until I finally remembered that if you clip into the selvedge of the vinyl before sewing it, it helps tremendously!! As I’m looking at it right now I’m realizing that while that curve is pleasing to the eye, it certainly isn’t necessary!! In fact, I’m thinking a nice clean straight line across would be pretty too….hmmm, note to self for next one lol!!

So there you have it, my complete set, as well as one of Norman’s bowties I previously made out of the Friends Stuff fabric!! I’m just so pleased with how it all turned out, and perhaps even more, I’m pleased that I didn’t give up!!

Have you ever given up and truly never finished a project because it was too hard or it just got the best of you?

Thanks so much for reading my post, I appreciate your support!! Now get out there and have a great week, and if possible, create something amazing!!


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