Minky, Minky and More Minky!!

I guess I should start this Blog post off by saying “can you believe this is the last week of summer for most of us” but I can’t do it, I just refuse, I just can’t bring myself to say it…yes I realize I already said it but I put it in quotations so therefore it doesn’t technically count (my blog, my rules 🤣)!!

This has always been a sad time for me! Other parents were rejoicing over the thoughts of sending their precious wee ones back to school, but not me, well, not most days anyways lol!! I’ve always loved having my kids home, having their friends over and listening to their chattering, their laughter, and yes, even the inevitable squabbling…..I would take all of that over the quietness that eerily took over the house those first few days of September. Of course it didn’t take long for the routines of school days to take hold and too soon, the summer fun that was a distant memory 😥!!

This year is taking on a different tone yet again, one that I’m not really ready to focus too much energy on yet, but let’s just say that by this time next week, for the first time in 31 years, it will just be my husband Jeff and I, oh, and the fur-babies of course! Our youngest child, Ella, will be moving out and beginning her University life!!!! I’m very lucky that she’s not going very far, only about 45 minutes from us but I can assure you that it still feels like she’ll be hundreds of miles away!!

And that’s all for that subject for now!!!!

So let’s head back in the direction that this Blog post should be going, and that’s to chat about sewing!!!!! I’ve been such a busy little beaver in my sewing room lately, it’s been glorious!! As you might imagine from the title of this Blog, there’s been a “few” minky projects, three to be exact lol, and I finished two of the projects for my husband’s new home office, cushion covers and a curtain, which also leads me to a bit of a disclaimer/confession: the fabrics I used for the curtain are not from Funky Monkey….but before you go judging me to harshly, I can explain lol!!!! You see, my husband is a complete computer geek lol, and I promise, I say this with complete love and respect!! The reason I tell you that is because he has a very specific design in mind for his office, all based around computer components, which I have absolutely no clue about!! He found a specific print from a company that allows you to customize your own fabrics and after consulting with me, he ordered it lol!!! It was nothing that would be available for us to sell at FMF so I didn’t feel too much like I was “cheating” lol!!

But anyways, let me quickly share my projects with you!!

First off, here’s the 3 minky blankets I made!!

First up was a baby shower gift for the sweetest couple that will welcome their daughter in October! They love purple and flowers so a blanket and a matching bunny in the now discontinued Rosie Eggplant and Viola Galaxy was perfect! Next up was a personalized blanket for a sweet little 6 year old girl that my friend recently adopted! I had the name embroidered at a local shop, KYIS Embroidery, before I assembled the blanket. I just really wanted to give her a handmade gift with her name on it, something of her very own and what could be better than a minky blanket!! And finally I made one more blanket using the Amethyst/Indigo Blooms and Amethyst Ziggy Minky (both discontinued) for another purple loving friend who sadly buried her 53 year old brother this past week. I just wanted to do something small for her to bring her some comfort during this time and hopefully snuggling up with this blanket will bring her an ounce or two of peace!

Now here’s the 2 projects for Jeff’s office. I whipped up these cushion covers in no time at all using the Green Computer Memory Board fabric and they look awesome in the room! I have one more to make, a bolster, which hopefully I can finish soon!

And finally, the curtain! He really wanted it to block out as much natural light as possible when it’s closed so I purchased a set of pre-made black out curtain panels from Amazon and cut them into the sizes I needed. It was the most economical and easiest way to get the result he wanted! Tell me, do you know what the fabric is lol? I certainly didn’t and therefore sadly couldn’t share in his excitement when it arrived lol!!

So there you go, that’s the end of my latest sewing adventures. What have you sewed lately? I’d love to hear what you’ve been up to….or what you have planned for your next project!

Have a great week and if you feel so inclined, say a little prayer for me that I make it through this next week of watching my daughter spread her wings and fly away from our nest 😥!!


4 thoughts on “Minky, Minky and More Minky!!”

  1. Hi Shawna
    Your blog post hits me in the eye watering department. Who would think a fabric blog post from FMF, could do that!
    First: I love anything purple and all your purple minky makings this week are so beautiful….. you are so kind to share your sewing projects with people who are special to you, and your caring touched my heart!
    Second: Pleaseing and planning and doing for the hubby…….yup…. been there and done that so many times! it is very rewarding and you are to be recognized for your your caring to make his “computer den” so welcoming and to his liking!
    Third: Actually, it’s what you wrote at the start of your blog, that opened the flood gates to the watery eyes! Those real life moments that shifts the mothers heart in new ways, and in ways you cannot imagine! You have worked so hard to raise her well to this moment….blood sweat and tears have gone in to reach this goal….. And now when the moment arrives…..its a heart stopper! Yes, I will be thinking of you! Its a new adventure for both you and the hubby and for your beautiful daughter! You’ve raised her well, she will be okay, and she knows you are only a phone call away….! You will never stop being a mom, and never stop being needed…!
    Thanks for sharing just a tiny piece of your “momma heart”. You’ve touched this momma heart, over here! (each year for 3 years in a row we had a child leave for university and than a 4 year gap before our youngest, a daughter, left for university. ) Yup life changes, its all good, and our love for our children as they become adults just intensifies!
    The tears will flow, let them! And be sure to dance freely!
    Its all part of this amazing adventure we are on to be the best we can be!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh my goodness Frances…..all I can say is..YOU GET ME!! Thank you for not only validating my feelings, but also just saying exactly what I’m feeling!! You have touched my heart in ways I wouldn’t have thought possible through a fabric Blog as well!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I will gladly heed your advice and dance freely, probably crying while but still dancing!! You are tye absolute best 😊

      Liked by 1 person

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