This is the Last One, I Almost Promise!!

This is almost embarrassing at this point, I mean, I probably shouldn’t even have written this Blog post except, well the truth of it is, I love these darn Braided Twist Runners by Phillips Fiber Art soooo much, I just had to share the newest one!!

I just can’t stop making them, which is ok cause I can justify why I need one for every occasion/season lol! I’m sure you’ve already guessed that I made one for Easter, and you’d be correct BUTTTT I made it double duty, just check this out!!

Easter Fabrics Used: White Easter Egg, Yellow Tossed Garden Gnomes

First off, my Easter version!! You just had to have known that I’d incorporate Gnomes if possible, right?!? This is how my table looks, all cute and springy like, I just love it!!

So here we are, no flowers so you can have the full view….and now for the double duty part, ready for this magic?!?

Halloween Fabrics Used: Black Skeletons in Need of Coffee, Character one is from my Stash!

That’s right people, it’s a double duty runner because it’s Easter on one side and Halloween on the other!!! And before you go thinking to yourself, “that Shawna, she’s a clever one to have completely come up with that idea all on her own”, as much as I’d like to take the credit, I can’t because it’s yet another pattern/style in the book, the Reversible Runner! It took a wee bit more concentration to make sure you put the right ones together but for me, as long as I label my fabrics as directed by Cheryl, the Designer, then I’m good! Oh, and my new Juki, Judi as I call her, whipped this runner up in no time with the pretties stitches, it just made my heart swoon, she’s just amazing lol!!

If you haven’t had a chance to grab your copy of the Braided Twist Runner yet, it’s not too late! Click HERE to go to the page on our website, add it to your cart, pay for shipping and when it comes in, we’ll send it directly to you! All the information can be found on the page!

I hope you have a fabulous week and are able to find some time just for you to create something beautiful!



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