I Can’t Believe It!

It’s been 2 months of absolute bliss in my sewing room and that’s all thanks to my new Juki TL-18QVP Haruka!!

I haven’t had loads of time to use her yet lately, as most of you all know, we’ve been busy transforming a previously unused space into my new Creative Space, which I’m almost ready to share with you, just have to finish one more pretty big project that is intimidating me lol, but when I do sew with her, oh my heart, she’s amazing and continually blows my mind with all that she is capable of doing!

In a previous Blog about my new machine, I shared that things didn’t go quite as smoothly as I had anticipated when I first got her but after a couple of days, she apparently acclimated herself to her new home and became the machine I always hoped she’d be, and more! I also told you that I was already sewing my first project on her and that I’d share it with you the following week but it just occurred to me that I never did for some reason lol! So, “better late than never” is a saying I find myself using quite often, and it also applies to this Blog post, FINALLY I’ll share with you the first project I made on my new girl! Since I’m a self-proclaimed “Bagineer”, you won’t be surprised to know that the first project I made on her was a new summer bag for myself!

Tremont Crossbody Bag” by Hold It Right There Patterns

I certainly hope she was worth the wait lol!! This is the lovely “Tremont Crossbody Bag” by Hold It Right There Patterns, a new Designer to me! I chose to use the beautiful Multi Dahlias by Elizabeth’s Studio fabric for the exterior, the interior was the now discontinued Yellow Color Bomb, the same goes for the cork, it was the one we used to carry, the Seat Belt webbing I got HERE from Amazon and my hardware are special requests that Melissa kindly brings in for me!

I really enjoyed this pattern, and so did my machine! She whipped through all of it with no problems at all and since I didn’t really worry too much about keeping the interfacing out of the seams as suggested by the Designer, there was some thick seams she was going through lol! I’d say the only part of the bag that I didn’t “love” was the bias binding completed interior seams…I’m just never a fan of this kind of closure. I’d rather wrestle with that sucker, turn it inside out and “birth” it out of a pocket, it just appears more polished/professional/finished to me, which again, is just my little old humble opinion! Since it’s at the very bottom of the interior of the bag, you can barely see the binding though so I’m ok with it, so overall, it was a great pattern that I wouldn’t mind making again in the future!

So finally, here’s the happy couple and I’m the proud Mama that loves them both lol! You probably won’t be surprised that my next project on her was a Braided Table Runner lol! She has not disappointed me once yet, she is an absolute dream to sew with. Very straight forward, no computer to worry about, she’s just perfect….well, almost….she was missing ummmm, “something” so my sweet friend, Funky Monkey Fabrics Junior Aliah and my hubby, Jeff, helped me out and just look at her now!!!

In case you hadn’t figured it out yet…..it’s a “she” and her name is Judi Juki ❤!!

Does your machine have a name? What is it and how did you come up with it?!? I’ve named other machines but never really used it….this girl constantly gets called by her name so I think it was meant to be!

Have an amazing week!


2 thoughts on “I Can’t Believe It!”

  1. You’re darn right I name my sewing machines and so do most of my friends. I’m mostly a quilter and sometimes a bag maker so I sew on a 1947 Black Feather Weight. Her name is Myrtle because I bought her from an old lady namer Myrtle Flood! I bet Myrtle looks down on me sewing from heaven with a smile. ❤️❤️

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    1. Myrtle….I love that and I’m sure she is so happy that her machine is bringing joy to someone else!! Myrtle, meet Judi, Judi meet Myrtle lol!! Thanks for sharing Sibyl!!


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