Best SAL Ever!!

Have any of you ever participated an a SAL? Perhaps my first question should be, do you know what a SAL is lol?!? For those that don’t, it’s a Sew-A-Long! I’ve done a few virtually over the years but this past weekend I participated in the funnest/funniest one yet, albeit very long lol!

So after completing a couple of projects from Linds Handmade Designs, the Krystal Convertible Bag and the Purse Pal, both projects I previously shared with you, I had 2 more picked out to make, it was just deciding which one to do first as usual lol and then I saw something that made my mind up for me! A little while ago I was on FB and somehow I came across a post from a fellow named Chuwy Mendoza-Pozywio and I ended up watching his FB Story a few times, laughing right along with his most infectious laugh!! He is a fairly new bag-maker and he just has the most fun with the whole process! He is just a joy and seeing his excitement over a swivel hook or a pattern or an amazing fabric is so contagious! And also, after all my years of sewing, I also experience that excitement still lol! When a new fabric or notion comes into the shop, it’s so fun for me! When I find a new pattern that I love, I feel that giddiness, that excitement every….single….time lol!! So this is obviously why I’m so drawn to him right lol! So anyways, I start to follow all his social media accounts and very much look forward to his daily posts, one of which talked about a SAL he was going to be doing for the H2O 2GO Sling by Linds Handmade Designs which, I’m assuming you can guess, was one of the 2 patterns I was deciding between!! Done, decision made! I signed up for the SAL which was a 2 night event, which truthfully seemed like a lot of time and I wasn’t 100% sure I’d join the 2nd night, that seemed like a big commitment for a weekend lol, but nevertheless I was registered! It was hosted by Your Sewful Therapy which is an amazing company that prides themselves on “Relieving Stress One Stitch at a Time”!

H2O 2GO Sling PDF Pattern by Linds Handmade Designes

So Friday, Canada Day, I got all my materials prepped and ready to go. As you can see from the picture above, it has a large zippered pocket on the front and a round base, both things that people said are awesome but time consuming and tricky so several people have come up with some hacks to make it a quicker sew: no pocket at all on the exterior or a simple slip pocket/small zip pocket for the front and a boxed base. Chuwy was doing the no pocket and boxed base version. I chose to do the boxed base as well but I really wanted the slip pocket so I researched that to figure out how that worked, which was pretty confusing to start off but I figured it out so I had that all prepped and ready to go too!

Here’s a pic of of the event and there he is, Chuwy himself!! So let me quickly summarize the event, sharing the things I learned:

1. Chuwy is possibly the sweetest, funniest person ever lol!

2. Chuwy likes to talk! He is a natural story teller so there was definitely more talking than sewing going on at some points, which was completely fine! Case in point…each night was scheduled to be 2 hours but each night I signed off after 4 hours and they were still going lol!

3. I tend to join these events to learn new techniques but what I forgot about was the real sense of comradery about the whole thing!! You are in a virtual room with people from all over the world and you’re all sewing the exact same thing at the exact same time and although you don’t see each other, you can chat, ask questions, laugh….it’s just an amazing experience! We’re obviously all from different backgrounds, different geographical areas, different beliefs, etc…..but for that period of time, you all have something in common!!

I’m happy to say that I did get my bag done on the 2nd night, and even had some time during it to prep a couple of other projects lol, but here it is, my H2O 2GO Sling with the boxed bottom and the slip pocket!

Ooooh she’s so cute, or should I say, so dapper lol!! I loved using the Dapper Dogs for this project not only because they’re stinkin’ cute but also because this will be the perfect bag to carry my husband’s ginormous water bottle when we take the dogs for a walk! I was going to use the Rainbow/White Dog Bones on Black for the lining but decided to just go with some little paw prints I had in my stash, you know, that way I can save the bones for something else lol! Ummm, can we talk about that pattern placement on the back rofl!!!! The funniest part is that I never even noticed it until I posted the pictures here lol! It’s almost like I planned it that way….darn it, maybe I should have told you I planned it that way lol!!!

Oh and just in case you need to know “for a friend”, this will also hold a 2 litre bottle of pop or a very large bottle of wine 😂!!

Have you ever participated in a SAL? What was your project? Did you enjoy it or was it a “one and done” kind of thing lol?

Well we’re off to the beach now, any guesses on what bag I’ll be taking to carry that water bottle?!? Have an amazing week everyone, hopefully you have some time to create something beautiful, even if it’s outside in the garden….that counts!!



2 thoughts on “Best SAL Ever!!”

  1. i have now made about 30 of the H20 2 Go slings – i still love the orginal pattern with the front curved pocket; but also like the side slit zipper.i will go check out Chuwy. thanks


    1. Wow, that’s a lot lol! So apparently you don’t have any problem with the curved bottom if you’ve done that many lol!! I love that one little pattern can be changed in so many different ways! I do like the looks of that side slit pocket too, I might try that one too some day! That Chuwy, he’s a good one, enjoy lol! Thanks so much Joann!


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