For My Minnie!

If you’ve been a loyal reader of mine for any length of time, you will know that I own and am *slightly* obsessed with my two Pugs, Minnie and Norman!

There’s my 2 fur-babies lol! Minnie is the black Pug and Norman is obviously the fawn one! The joy these 2 crazy puppers bring to my life is immeasurable for sure, which is why I’m always worrying about them, making sure they’re healthy and safe, and of course loved but that’s the easiest part!

They are half siblings, same Dad but different Mom. Norman we got as a pup straight out of the litter and Minnie came to us later as a “can you keep her for us for a few weeks” and we just all decided she needed to stay with us lol! Norman is very outgoing, a very obviously happy little secure fella. Minnie is quite different. Around us, her immediate family, you would say she is the same as Norman but as soon as one “outsider” comes into her home/yard/area, she becomes quite different. She’s timid, barks at them non-stop, and is just quite uncomfortable the whole time they’re there! I know it’s a territorial thing because we can take her other places and she’s much more comfortable! She still needs to be the one to approach you but she will indeed do that when we’re out and about, which is amazing! Sooooo I’m telling you all this for a reason, don’t worry lol, I didn’t just start rambling again and forget my purpose lol!

In the past I’ve shared the harnesses I’ve made for both Norman and Minnie and I love them! Heck, so do other people as we’re always getting so many compliments on them! Every time I make them I find I’m still always tweaking them, getting them to fit 100% and I’m pretty sure I’m as close as I can get….which, unfortunately, isn’t good enough for Minnie! 99% of the time they’re great for both dogs, and 100% of that time is great for Norman, absolutely no complaints for him, it fits him like a glove! Now here’s the problem with Minnie….she can back herself out of them in a situation where she’s uncomfortable and is trying to escape/distance herself from something that has freaked her out! This is a terrifying situation because we no longer have control over her and my fear is that she’ll run away, perhaps into traffic or any dangerous situation. I’ve tried other harnesses too that we’ve purchased and the end result is always the same, the little Houdini can escape them! I know, you’re probably thinking, just put a collar on her and that would be the simplest solution however a traditional buckle collar is not good for Pugs as they are a Braechiel breed, which just basically means they have short snouts which can lead to breathing issues. Add to that a collar that is putting constant pressure on their trachea and, well, that’s just not a good situation!

So after a little bit of research, I found the perfect solution for my little Minnie/Houdini….a Martingale Collar! Basically it looks like a regular collar but has this additional loop on the front that you attach the leash too. It lays fairly loose around her neck but if she tries to pull in any direction it will tighten around her neck until she stops! The way it’s designed prevents it from going to tight where it would damage her trachea or choke her! It’s actually so incredible and we’ve already noticed such a difference in her in the few times we’ve tried it out in public! I’m probably not explaining it very well but there’s lot’s of more qualified explanations out there if you need one lol! We were actually gifted two of these collars from my friend and Pug-Mama Tracey, who I’ve mentioned here before. She’s the one that has the St. John’s Ambulance Therapy Dogs who are also models and actors! Martingale collars are the only ones she ever uses on her Pugs, she swears by them and I trust her opinion very much!

So can you buy these collars? Yes. More importantly, can you make them lol? Thankfully, yes, and they’re pretty darn easy, once you have the appropriate hardware of course! I found an amazing FREE tutorial by Country Brook Designs and so much information there, it was just a great resource that I sincerely appreciated! So here’s my first attempt and Miss Minnie in her first solo modeling job lol!

Awe little Min Min, she is such a sweetie and is looking very proud in her little White Happy Ladybugs collar lol! She gets very excited when you get out her collar as she thinks we’re headed out somewhere exciting lol!

The other collars we have that my fellow Pug-Mama gave me are 1.5″ wide and they are good, I just wondered if a slightly narrower one, a 1″ one would be better for Minnie, who is a slightly smaller Pug than Norman, who wears the wider one with ease. I think I like it, I think it looks good and I don’t think there’s a benefit to having it one size or the other, just whatever works best for their size! For this one I used a cheap medium weight interfacing and again, it’s good, just might try something a wee bit heavier on the next one, but again, maybe not! In the tutorial, the author, Carol Alexander, gives you 2 items to use, either just straight webbing or fabric that you make into tubes to cover the webbing. Since I would like to be able to use fabrics to make them, I opted to just interface them instead of using webbing at all but that’s why I’m wondering if I need to use a fairly sturdy interfacing, to make it more comparable to a webbing? I’ll play with a few more interfacing options and see what I like best….once I stock up on some hardware lol!

Have you ever made this type of collar? If so, I’d love to hear what worked best for you…interfacing, hardware, etc!! Share away lol!

In the meantime, I’ll be whipping up more of these for sure! These little puggers will have the fanciest collars around lol!

Hope you have an amazing week and take some time to create something amazing…bonus points if it’s for YOU!!

Shawna and Minnie!


2 thoughts on “For My Minnie!”

  1. I am gonna try this for Lily,she also can back out of a harness,and can run much faster then I can!
    Thanks Shawna!!


    1. Exactly!! They’re soooo fast!! This will be perfect for wee little Lily, if you can get it small enough for her tiny little neck lol!! Good luck!


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