2 More For the Road!!

What a beautiful weekend here in our part of Ontario! We spent as much time possible outside soaking it all in, knowing full well how lucky we were to have these fleeting warm days!

That didn’t leave much time for crafting of any kind….until Sunday afternoon! My daughter, Ella, keeps dropping somewhat subtle hints about the bag she asked me to make like the one I made a few months ago for my son, the Dogwood Travel Duffel Bag by Blue Calla Sewing Patterns! Subtle hints like, “too bad I have to put my clothes in garbage bags to travel back and forth, if only I had some kind of bag to put them in” lol!!! So I had finally decided that this would be the weekend….but then Mother Nature threw me a curveball!! How in the heck could I be inside with weather like that?!?

As you may remember, I’m also a HUGE fan of curling and there was also a bonspiel on that I wanted to watch so I came up with a new plan! Saturday night, once it was too dark to be outside, I gathered all my materials and a cutting mat and plunked myself on the floor in front of the TV and while I began cutting out the bag pieces, I went through and watched several games of curling until I was caught up! This carried over to Sunday, which was also curling Championship day which meant only 2 games to watch and since we have the technology to watch those games whenever we want, I did all the things throughout the day….cut bag pieces, played outside with my puppies, watched curling, mowed alllllll the leaves in our backyard (much to my husband’s chagrin but he went golfing so he lost his vote πŸ˜‚)! I must also say that since my husband also asked for a bag, I decided to make them at the same time so that meant double the prep time uggg lol! I mean I say “uggg” but really I love that part, it just takes a lot longer and requires you to be a lot more organized which is exhausting lol!

Anyway, it’s 99% done…the prep work I mean! I ran out of SF101 so I’ll get some more at work and then I’ll be set to go…whenever that happens lol! Here’s the stack of pieces, all ready to be sewn up!

Oh, maybe I should give you a reminder of what the bag looks like that I made for my son…

So this is the bag I’m making and she liked it so much, she wants it to be pretty much exactly the same! Basically the one thing I’m doing differently is the lining fabric! I’ve heard so much lately about bagmakers that I follow on social media using a waterproof fabric for the lining and when they do that, they don’t need to interface it which is exciting because it saves you a step in the prep stage! I found this fabric, which came in so many different weights, it was very confusing so I just took a guess and bought a yard of one in the middle, hoping it was heavy/thick but not too heavy/thick! I chose a beautiful purple and although it feels slightly slippery, I don’t think it will be too bad to sew, at least I’m hoping so lol!

As for my husband’s bag, he picked out a couple of the fabrics but then basically said, “do what you like with them” so yay me lol, I can add a little bit of creative flair for one of them at least lol! One of the fabrics he chose is an Army Duck Waxed Canvas that I had purchased awhile ago from Emmaline Bags for a different project but didn’t end up using so I’m excited to try that for the first time!

So that was my weekend, nothing too exciting and yet I feel happy and some what accomplished! I’ll be glad to get them done and then I will be able to move on to my next planned project guilt free….because it’s all for me lol!!

I’ll definitely share these bags when they’re done and give you my feedback on the waterproof fabric and the waxed canvas! If these are something you’ve already used and you have any tips for me, I’d love to hear them!

What projects did you accomplish this weekend? Were they indoor or outdoor projects….or perhaps like me, there was some of both!!

I hope you all have an amazing week!



2 thoughts on “2 More For the Road!!”

    1. Thank you so much!! That fabric is actually an upholstery remnant that I purchased at a big box fabric store….where I met you lol!! It was huge, I’ve made so many things with it and its finally almost gone after these 2 bags! I like it because I don’t have to interface it lol! You know I’ll share the other 2 bags when they’re done lol! Thanks so much Mary Lynn 😊!


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