A Little Late, But Also Very Early!

Huh? What’chu talking about….Shawna lol?!? You probably think I’ve lost my marbles because it’s impossible for something be late and early at the same time but please….let me explain!

I had a project planned for last week using Flannel, which was perfect since Flannel was our sale item (I don’t always coordinate my projects with the sale but when it works out that way, it’s a bonus lol!)! It’s something I’ve had in my mind to make for ages and just never got around to it, goodness knows, we all have lots of those right lol?!? Anyway, I’ve been trying to think of something I can make for all my family members for Christmas, something “small” but useful, and something that would work for the males and females…and I found it, or should I say, I remembered it lol, and this is the “also very early” part since it’s for Christmas and thinking about that in November is early to me lol…

Here it is, the Heating Pad by Caroline of Sew Can She! Isn’t that the coolest little heating pad? I was drawn to the separate little compartments of rice and the fact that you could use all those little treasured scraps of fabric that we hang on to! I have a rice bag that I bought at Walmart ages ago now and it has been used and used so many times by pretty much the whole family for many different ailments so it’s definitely looking like it needs to be replaced but it’s kind of one of those things that you don’t really think about until you need it! And also, anytime I do think about replacing it, I’m reminded about this pattern and tell myself I’ll finally get around to making it…which I never did….UNTIL NOW lol!

So last weekend I gathered all my fabrics, cut all the pieces, brought the rice down from the kitchen and was all set to go until I realized I was missing one very important “ingredient”….cotton thread!!! Obviously this is going to be used in the microwave so cotton thread is a must but it’s a product I don’t personally own so that was the end of my heating pad sewing until after the next time I was in to work to be able to buy some! And this is where the “a little late” part comes into it…..it was too late to use it for that blog post lol!

Finally thread was purchased on the Monday and that evening I whipped up this project in no time at all….well, ok, a little bit of time because I was so paranoid about hitting a grain of rice with my needle that I took great care in making sure they were out of the way lol! Anyway, here is my finished product!

Since I’m sure you all remember how much I love those darn little gnomes, you can imagine how excited I was to find a use for them in this project! These were all flannels we used to sell and I originally purchased them to make Christmas stockings. You can, of course, use quilting cottons as well but I liked the idea of the soft flannel against your neck and shoulders. I realize some people may prefer having a removable cover for the heating pad so you could certainly make one but my thought process was that since I’m making everyone their own, they won’t be sharing one bag so if it gets dirty, I’ll make them another one, or two! Melissa did suggest making a minky cover for it and that sounds like a lovely, snuggly idea that I might end of doing if I find myself with some spare time lol!

I loved the pattern, it was very easy to follow and I didn’t feel the need to change or alter anything! The one thing I will remember for next time is the amount of rice I used in each compartment. Caroline suggested using between 1/3 and 1/2 cup of rice so I went in the middle and in my opinion, it makes it a wee bit too stiff so for the following ones, I will be sticking to 1/3 cup. She also gives you some suggestions of natural scents you could use, as well as what they aid in, for example, lavender buds or oil for relaxation. Again, this is something I didn’t have on hand but I think I’ll get some to add to the ones I’m gifting!

I love the idea of the instructional tags that Caroline made for them too so I’ll be making something similar on the Cricut! I’ll gladly share what I come up with in case this idea is giving you some gift giving vibes too lol!

As for the filling, well I definitely fell down the proverbial “rabbit’s hole” of possible/best things to use! Lots of different opinions on what was best for staying the hottest for the longest period of time, what was least likely to end up with “bugs”, etc., etc., etc., lol!!!! I ended up deciding on using good old cheap rice! As I’ve already said, I’m assuming I’ll be making more sooner than later if it’s something that everyone uses, so why invest tons of money in it just to replace it within a few months or so?!?

I’m hoping this is a hit and everyone loves it! I think they’re perfect for many things such as:

  • tired shoulders from long days at the computer or sewing machines
  • menstrual cramps
  • throwing under the covers down by your feet to help warm you up on those cold days
  • putting across your forehead during headaches/migraines
  • back strains

And so on, and so on lol! And don’t forget, make an extra one to be kept in the freezer for those times you need cold instead of hot!

Have you made these or other heating pads before? What have you found to be the best for inside them? I’d love to hear any tips or tricks you may have found work best for you!

Have an amazing week everyone!



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