Get’n Cozy!!

Well apparently winter has hit our part of Ontario, yes it's inevitable but honestly, are you ever actually ready for that bitter cold, not to mention the snow? Ok, alright, settle down you winter lovers, I hear you, those of you that "live" for this season, I don't understand you but I'll humor you lol!!!… Continue reading Get’n Cozy!!


We Got Lit This Weekend!

That's right....our house is now lit up for the holiday seasoning!! Outdoor lights are up, dining room and living room transformations are all complete, tree is done....and I'm exhausted lol!! I always say "I love to decorate for Christmas" but it occurred to me that that is not a completely accurate statement! I absolutely love… Continue reading We Got Lit This Weekend!


And I’m Back!!

Hellooooo....I'm back baby!!! I'm sure you've all been anxiously waiting to hear how our weekend trip to Ottawa was and I can sum it up in one word..... We had the absolute best time, the whole entire time!!! We all got along famously, there was so much chatting and laughter, even a few tears when… Continue reading And I’m Back!!


And Repeat!!

Ok this is almost embarrassing to have to say this again but here goes nothing......I HAVE NOTHING TO TALK ABOUT lol!!!!!! OK, let me clarify that statement....I have no new projects to share again, there, that's better lol! I have actually been sewing a lot this past week but once again, it's repeat projects....more masks,… Continue reading And Repeat!!


Happy Fall!!

Hi all my Funky Monkey Fabrics Blog readers....how the heck are ya?!? It's been so long since I wrote a Blog post, I almost forget how lol!! I literally have not sewed anything, not one hem, not one face mask....nothing at all, till this past week that is, and even then it was a repeat… Continue reading Happy Fall!!


Minky, Minky and More Minky!!

I guess I should start this Blog post off by saying "can you believe this is the last week of summer for most of us" but I can't do it, I just refuse, I just can't bring myself to say it...yes I realize I already said it but I put it in quotations so therefore… Continue reading Minky, Minky and More Minky!!


One Year Later!

Somehow a whole year has passed since I sewed up my first Minky Baby Shower set!! That little baby, Charlie, recently celebrated her first birthday so of course, this maker just had to make her something....right?!? For a fraction of a second I thought about making her a new blanket but I still see lots… Continue reading One Year Later!


Victory is Sweet and Comes With a Plus One!!

Yesssssss....I was the winner of that last battle (thankfully cause I really didn't want to lie to you roflšŸ¤£)!! In case you're confused as to what I'm talking about, let me catch you up.....last post wasn't the usual "rah rah I love my finished project" kinda post because, well, I didn't finish it lol! But… Continue reading Victory is Sweet and Comes With a Plus One!!


It Was Bound to Happen!

Yup, it was only a matter of time, you know what I'm talking about right? When things are going so smoothly, things are all working out, all your projects are reaching an end and they're turning out just as you planned, or even better? Well, in my world anyway, that means that soon "IT" will… Continue reading It Was Bound to Happen!