Outdoor Oasis!

What a glorious weekend we have had here in Ontario, nearly the perfect weather....hot but not sweltering during the day and then a nice cool sweater wearing evening! In my books, that's the perfect day! We spent so much time outside with the puggers, we'd all fall into bed at night exhausted from all that… Continue reading Outdoor Oasis!


Pretty in Pink!

Hello all! Just taking a quick break from all my long weekend activities because I'm so excited to share my latest project that's hot off my sewing machine! My sister-in-law requested my bag making services once again, this time for a different friends birthday present and of course, I was more than happy too! Her… Continue reading Pretty in Pink!


A Blast From the Past!

You guys.....I made something that I haven't made in, oh my gosh, I don't even know how many years it's been.....and it was so fun! My friend asked me if I could make this for her recently adopted little girl, there's no way I could say "no" so here we are lol! It brought back… Continue reading A Blast From the Past!


No Fear, I’m Still Here!

Hello......did you miss me lol? Did you think I'd fallen off the face of the earth, never to be heard from again?!? Well, I'm happy to report that I am indeed, still here and back to blogging! Goodness knows I like to keep it "real" here so I'll be honest with you yet again and… Continue reading No Fear, I’m Still Here!


Deep Breath In….

Oh my goodness, if that title sounds ominous, it's because it's supposed to lol!!!!!! You guys won't even believe my luck, and sadly, I'm not talking about "good" luck!!! There was a point that I was literally saying to myself, "deep breath in....and let it out, deep breath in....and let it out"!!! Now I know… Continue reading Deep Breath In….


System Overload!

You know how sometimes you have "rules" you live by, such as "don't go swimming right after you eat", "don't start watching a scary movie right before bed", "don't wear those skinny jeans when heading out for a buffet dinner"....those kinds of things because you've done them in the past and the results were not… Continue reading System Overload!


Short & Speedy!

Hello all my people! You may be thinking that this blog post is going to be about the Sewing Machine Travel Bag by Sew Sweetness that I'm working on but nope, you'd be incorrect lol! I'm definitely still working on it but I set it aside for a quick minute while I whipped up a… Continue reading Short & Speedy!


Let’s Go!

This weekend, I'm on the road, but dont worry,I'm taking you with me! We're going all the way up the 402 to London, Ontario, to watch the Brier Curling Championship! If you've read a few of my Blogs, you'll know I'm a wee bit obsessed with curling (and yes, pugs lol) so when I found… Continue reading Let’s Go!


Keeping Judi Safe!

I'm sure as a Maker yourself, you've seen this funny saying before.... Well I said this exact thing to my friend the other day during a coffee date because, well, I'm doing exactly this probably lol! You all know how much I love my sewing machine, Judi Juki, since I go on and on about… Continue reading Keeping Judi Safe!


Taking Out the Trash!

Here's a bit of gossip for you....we, the FMF staff, love to craft!! Its true, we not only work together 5 days a week but almost weekly I stay after work and we have some kind of craft night! Usually we will either sew, do macrame or make something using the Cricut, but we have… Continue reading Taking Out the Trash!