Check Off Another One!

Ohhhhhh it's so gratifying when I can scratch off another one of my "to make" projects, and that's what I got to do yesterday!! This week's project was a fun one but it had a definite upcoming deadline, which is coming up pretty fast.....Christmas!! Remember when I said I was going to make stockings with… Continue reading Check Off Another One!


Busy Week!

Happy almost December....or if you're American...Happy Thanksgiving!! We have long past celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving for the year but this weekend we do quite enjoy celebrating Black Friday! We had our annual Black Friday/Weekend Sale at Funky Monkey where all you lucky shoppers could enjoy a 20% storewide discount and believe you me, lots of… Continue reading Busy Week!


It Has Begun!!

While the calendar might tell us it's still November, has anyone seen the signs that we are indeed inching/being pushed closer to "that" time of year?!? Has your favourite radio station changed it's tunes? Did you stroll through Walmart on October 31st drooling over all the Halloween candy and then November 1st you headed in… Continue reading It Has Begun!!


Pre-Holiday Holiday!

Guess who just finished a week of holidays....before the holidays lol? That's right.....as I write this Blog I'm just finishing off a week of, and I'm not even exaggerating in the slightest here, the absolute laziest week of holidays that anyone has ever had....like ever!!!!!! And what's even better is that this was exactly my… Continue reading Pre-Holiday Holiday!


Bags – Part 2!

Very seldom do I repeat sew a pattern and if I do, you can bet that a lot of time has passed in between the projects.....unless you're talking masks but that's a necessity sew, not something that I chose to sew because I really really wanted to lol! You may assume that it's because I… Continue reading Bags – Part 2!


Special Arrival!

There's been a Special Arrival at Funky Monkey Fabrics.....OK wait, there's actually been 2 special arrivals! First of all, please join me in congratulating employee Chloe and her family on welcoming a sweet new baby boy last week! He is the absolute sweetest and we wish them all the best....and are "patiently" waiting for a… Continue reading Special Arrival!


What Flaws?!?

I can say with complete honestly and no exaggeration at all that I have been sewing my entire life! I can to this day picture my Mom's sewing room, however, and this is kind of funny, but I can not remember my Mom actually in the sewing room nor do I remember seeing any of… Continue reading What Flaws?!?


More Masks!

Is everyone completely over talking about masks and making masks and wearing masks?!? Believe me, I know the answer to that question, I know you're yelling at me through that monitor or phone screen what your answer is but I'm gonna do this one final Blog about masks and then I'll never do one again… Continue reading More Masks!


Creative Challenges!

Do you have one, or more, of those people in your lives that like to challenge your creativity capability? Of course we all have friends that are our biggest fans and think the things we make are the best because, well, they have to lol, but I'm not talking about them...I'm talking about an acquaintance… Continue reading Creative Challenges!



Let's talk all about Sewing Machines this week cause where would we be without them?!? Yes, I know that there are those of you out there that can do almost any sewing job by hand but I'll be completely honest....that sounds like torture to me lol! There are usually those few little finishing touches on… Continue reading Machines!