Minky, Minky and More Minky!!

I guess I should start this Blog post off by saying "can you believe this is the last week of summer for most of us" but I can't do it, I just refuse, I just can't bring myself to say it...yes I realize I already said it but I put it in quotations so therefore… Continue reading Minky, Minky and More Minky!!


One Year Later!

Somehow a whole year has passed since I sewed up my first Minky Baby Shower set!! That little baby, Charlie, recently celebrated her first birthday so of course, this maker just had to make her something....right?!? For a fraction of a second I thought about making her a new blanket but I still see lots… Continue reading One Year Later!


Victory is Sweet and Comes With a Plus One!!

Yesssssss....I was the winner of that last battle (thankfully cause I really didn't want to lie to you roflšŸ¤£)!! In case you're confused as to what I'm talking about, let me catch you up.....last post wasn't the usual "rah rah I love my finished project" kinda post because, well, I didn't finish it lol! But… Continue reading Victory is Sweet and Comes With a Plus One!!

Weekly Sale

Customer Appreciation Week!

As I'm sure most of you know by now, this week at FMF we're celebrating YOU....our Customers!!! We are so lucky that each and everyone of you support us by continuing to trust us with your business so our way of saying "thanks" is by giving you this amazing savings all week long! So as… Continue reading Customer Appreciation Week!


Practically Perfect!

Ohhhhh I love a fun quick sew, this is something I've admitted before but when that fun quick sew also happens to be something I will use almost daily, well that's an added bonus for sure!! We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy our lunch breaks outside in Melissa's lovely backyard, well as… Continue reading Practically Perfect!


Waterproofed and Beach Ready!

Recently a Customer posted an amazing picture on one of our FB posts and it gave me one of those "oh yeah" moments! You know, those moments when you see something and it reminds you, as in this case, that you really wanted to make one of those too! Fabrics: Wine Cats in Movies, Black… Continue reading Waterproofed and Beach Ready!


Well That’s Something New!!

Hello all and happy almost June!! Although it hasn't been super warm the last few days here in our neck of the woods, the sun has been shining and that makes all the difference doesn't it!! One thing is for sure, it definitely stimulated my creative juices, which is a very good thing because my… Continue reading Well That’s Something New!!


Back to my Roots!

This week I returned to my roots, well kind of....and sadly, no I'm not referring to getting my hair coloured but boy does it need it, then I can stop walking around like this.... I'm talking about returning to my roots of sewing the thing I love the most...bags! It only took me sewing one… Continue reading Back to my Roots!



Fini, terminado, acabado, completo, cesado, afinado.....no matter how you say it, in whatever language you want, the bottom line is that I FINISHED MY OUTDOOR FURNITURE MAKEOVER!! It hardly seems real to even be able to write that lol!! It seems like it took me so long, and in actual calendar days it does seem… Continue reading Finished!


A New Twist!

Do you ever find yourself doing something a particular way because "that's how I've always done it"?!? I'm pretty sure we would all be guilty of that in many, many aspects of our lives....recipes, painting, hair-do's and on and on and on!! I know that I definitely am one of those people and it was… Continue reading A New Twist!