So I’m a Quilter Now?!?

When people find out you sew, they automatically assume that you must be a Quilter, and then they ask you to replace a zipper in their child's winter coat lol!! When we were in our previous location and, pre-covid, when we had in-store customers, they would be almost visibly shocked when I'd say, "I'm not… Continue reading So I’m a Quilter Now?!?


And Another One!

Sometimes as I write these Blogs I wonder if at some point you, my awesome readers, will say to yourselves, "Shawna....really? Again?" I wonder this not about the blog post, but about me using the same fabric repeatedly lol!! If this is you, I apologize, but the good news is that at least it's not… Continue reading And Another One!


New Year, Same Me!

I was going to call this Blog post "Year in Review", but then I saw this Bitmoji, and thought it summed up more of my thought process... I think it was quite fitting as this year I purposely decided NOT to make any huge resolutions to change myself physically or otherwise. "Why, because you think… Continue reading New Year, Same Me!


Snack Time!

Did any of you happen to see the "yummy" fabric we got in the other day, which just happens to be one of my favourite things?!? POPCORN!!!!!! Oh how I love this snackie food, in all it's buttery goodness, topped with lots of flavourings sometimes too! I love it at home but of course, it's… Continue reading Snack Time!


Couples Weekend #2

Well this is different, I'm writing this Blog post on the road! We're literally driving on the highway headed to Windsor, Ontario, for another Couples Weekend! Not sure if I need to actually say this, but I will, just to clarify....Jeff is driving, not me lol!! On these trips, my friends have given me the… Continue reading Couples Weekend #2



That title took me way too long to write lol.....having a "tune" in your head and then figuring out how it's "written" is not as easy as you'd think rofl!! Anywayyyyy...after that silly introductory paragraph, I hope you realize that what I was trying to say was "Yessssssss, I'm finally done making the bags I've… Continue reading Dun-da-dun-dun-DONE!!!!


Still Plugging Away!

Hidey Ho all you awesome people! How are all of you doing? What's new? Did you do anything exciting this week? Does it sound like I'm trying to avoid talking about sewing lol?!? I'm not really trying to avoid the subject, I just was hoping to have more to talk about, like the fact that… Continue reading Still Plugging Away!


A Little Late, But Also Very Early!

Huh? What'chu talking about....Shawna lol?!? You probably think I've lost my marbles because it's impossible for something be late and early at the same time but please....let me explain! I had a project planned for last week using Flannel, which was perfect since Flannel was our sale item (I don't always coordinate my projects with… Continue reading A Little Late, But Also Very Early!


2 More For the Road!!

What a beautiful weekend here in our part of Ontario! We spent as much time possible outside soaking it all in, knowing full well how lucky we were to have these fleeting warm days! That didn't leave much time for crafting of any kind....until Sunday afternoon! My daughter, Ella, keeps dropping somewhat subtle hints about… Continue reading 2 More For the Road!!



Did any of you happen to see what I posted the other day, showing you what fabrics I was using for a special project? Fabrics: Purple Smooth Minky, Black Smooth Minky, Black Scary Pumpkins Cotton No one was able to guess what I was up to, I mean it was obviously something for Halloween but… Continue reading Spooky-ish!!