Onward We Go!

Well it was touch and go but I'm pleased to share that I finished, well almost finished another part in my Outdoor Furniture transformation! "Touch and go" sounds pretty scary and perhaps quite tragic but let me assure you, this time I just mean that it almost didn't get done because I was a busy,… Continue reading Onward We Go!


If you Make it….Spring Shall Come!

If you Make it....Spring Shall Come....Sooner.....right?!? That's a thing isn't it, or did I just completely make that up! Made up or not, anything is worth a shot to bring on that Spring weather a wee bit sooner! It's been absolutely freezing here in Ontario for the last little bit and while I fully understand… Continue reading If you Make it….Spring Shall Come!


So This Happened….

After last week's loss of mojo, I'm pleased to report that it's back....well almost lol!! I had a "situation" on Thursday night that has put a damper on my sewing.....I should say on my sewing/cooking/cleaning/doing almost any task except sitting on the couch lol!! What was this situation you may be wondering, what could possible… Continue reading So This Happened….



Well.... it's gone! I've looked under my desk, in my fabric shelves, behind my sewing room door but nope, it's gone!!! Have you seen it, my sewing mojo that is...cause it's gone!!! I think all my sewing at Christmas time finally caught up to me and right now I have absolutely zero ambition to sew...… Continue reading Lost!


Secret Santa

So this year we decided to "do" Christmas a wee bit different, for us anyway....we decided to do a "Mostly Secret Santa"! We have 3 children aged 30, 26 and 17 and we have always bought pretty much equally for all of them and I'll be honest....it was wearing me down! Christmas was becoming about… Continue reading Secret Santa


Happy New Year!

Well hello there to all of you and yes, it's true....I'm back lol!!! I obviously took a few weeks off from Blog writing and just soaked up all the family time I could, and even took a few days just for me.....to do absolutely nothing....at all lol!! I mean, I guess "nothing" is an exaggeration… Continue reading Happy New Year!


Sports, Sports and more Sports…..and New Minky too!!!

After quite a long "due to Covid" delay, we are happy to say that the NHL Canadian teams Cotton fabric arrived on Thursday, December 3 on a huge skid filled with many boxes! We 3 Funky Monkey Fabrics women dragged and pushed and tugged and yanked and lifted and shoved and did whatever we needed… Continue reading Sports, Sports and more Sports…..and New Minky too!!!


Check Off Another One!

Ohhhhhh it's so gratifying when I can scratch off another one of my "to make" projects, and that's what I got to do yesterday!! This week's project was a fun one but it had a definite upcoming deadline, which is coming up pretty fast.....Christmas!! Remember when I said I was going to make stockings with… Continue reading Check Off Another One!


Busy Week!

Happy almost December....or if you're American...Happy Thanksgiving!! We have long past celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving for the year but this weekend we do quite enjoy celebrating Black Friday! We had our annual Black Friday/Weekend Sale at Funky Monkey where all you lucky shoppers could enjoy a 20% storewide discount and believe you me, lots of… Continue reading Busy Week!


It Has Begun!!

While the calendar might tell us it's still November, has anyone seen the signs that we are indeed inching/being pushed closer to "that" time of year?!? Has your favourite radio station changed it's tunes? Did you stroll through Walmart on October 31st drooling over all the Halloween candy and then November 1st you headed in… Continue reading It Has Begun!!