Let’s talk all about Sewing Machines this week cause where would we be without them?!? Yes, I know that there are those of you out there that can do almost any sewing job by hand but I’ll be completely honest….that sounds like torture to me lol! There are usually those few little finishing touches on a bag that I’ve made that absolutely require this technique…and I hate every second of it lol, but I do it because, well I have to to achieve the finished look I’m striving for! So for those of you who do have machines, this blog is for you!!

This was a storefront display at Yorkdale Maill in Toronto in 2016!

It has come to my attention in the past few years that I might actually be among the few sewers that only have one machine!! Was that a gasp I heard?!? It’s true! As much as I sew, which is almost daily, it’s always on my trusty 5 year old Brother and let me tell you, I’ve put that baby through a lot!!! I’ve asked it to carry out tasks that I had no business to ask of it….but I did anyways and for the most part, it obliged, not always up to my “standard” but it tried it’s best! There was lots of hand cranking as I patiently asked it to go through many layers of fabric, interfacing and foam (and perhaps a few colourful words too @%#$😂) as I only dared to dream of one day having a machine that would sew through these things with ease like the pattern designers did in their tutorial videos.

Brother CP2410

I remember when I got her and was in awe of the huge variety of stitches she was capable of! How many do I use on a regular basis? 2…..literally 2!!! Straight stitch and zig zag. That’s it! A handful of times I’ve used a cute little flower stitch to add some detail to a pocket but I reiterate, “a handful of times”!!

Everything changed as of yesterday though! I recently reconnected with an acquaintance, Sherry, that I had met at my previous fabric shop job and she informed me that she has quite the collection of vintage sewing machines and that after she lovingly cleans them up and fixes anything that needs it, she sells them! I’ve told her in the past about my struggles with my machine and she assured me that one of these machines would be the answer to my problems! So yesterday I packed up an assortment of all the common ingredients for my bag making; fabrics, interfacings, vinyls, etc., and off I went to play with machines! After a mere 5 fun hours of sewing, chatting and laughing, I had it narrowed down to 4 machines, and then ultimately 2! Turns out, I like the vintage Singer machines the best! I tried out many different brands, some I had heard of and others not, but I sat down to each of them with no preconceived notions as to how they would work. I asked each of them to perform several exact tasks and my decisions were based solely on how they executed those tasks, and as I said, the Singers were my favourite!

It is my pleasure to introduce you to my new Singer Model 239 workhorse that I have named Woodie…isn’t she a thing of beauty! That dark brown panel reminds me of those old station wagons with the paneling that are known as Woodies, hence the name!

She is a quiet beast that purrs away as she glides through all the tasks I’ve put her through so far! Just being able to listen to music or a tv show while I’m sewing is something I haven’t been able to do for ages since my poor Brother machine has just gotten louder and louder over time!

And this one ladies and gentlemen, this is the other beauty I chose! This was the last machine that she brought out for me to try and I nearly cried tears of absolute joy when it sailed through the tests with ease and quiet as well! It is a dream of mine to one day own an Antique Singer Featherweight machine just to display as a piece of art, I just think they’re so beautiful! It never occurred to me that I’d find one like this, a White that’s blue (that’s just fun to say!) that I could actually use! The Featherweight will happen one day, but in the meantime, I’m over the moon being able to own and use this one!

So that’s it for my “collection” of 3 machines lol! How many do you have? Do they each have their own purpose? Do you have any that are just on display because of their beauty? I’d love to hear all about your machines so please share away below!

Have a great week of sewing….you know I will!


4 thoughts on “Machines!”

  1. I enjoyed reading about your adventure with your new machines! I have one machine, a new computerized Janome that replaced my 37 year old White machine; I also just got rid of a 40 year old Singer machine that I inherited. it’s a bit of a challenge, but I’m enjoying playing with my Janome – much easier because of my severe arthritis and at least I can get back into sewing. Have fun!

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    1. Thank you!! Ah yes, one of the new Janome machines would be a pleasure to sew with I’m sure, especially if it helps you continue to do something you love! I’m still hoping for a Juki one day too …oh dear, this could become a problem lol!!

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  2. I loved hearing about your journey to find a new sewing machine. I am one of those that has been very lucky with machines. I have 2 Kenmores. One from the mid 1990’s and one that is about 5 years old. My mother in Law just gifted me her 1951 Singer machine complete with everything it came with. It is a real treasure and a definite work horse.
    I would love a Juki but an’t justify the price

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    1. Oh you are lucky for sure! I’ve heard great things about Kenmore machines too! I’m also the same, too much money for the Juki… especially now that I’ve discovered all that vintage machines can do at a much more reasonable price! Thanks for reading Seduce!

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