Onward We Go!

Well it was touch and go but I’m pleased to share that I finished, well almost finished another part in my Outdoor Furniture transformation! “Touch and go” sounds pretty scary and perhaps quite tragic but let me assure you, this time I just mean that it almost didn’t get done because I was a busy, busy girl lol!

I’ll share with you what I was so busy doing, but I warn you that while it might sound like an excuse, I assure you that I have absolutely no control over it!! “It” being watching a very important tv program every day since a week ago Friday, which requires a lot of dedication don’t you think?!? You see, it’s that glorious time of year that I love almost the very most…..CURLING SEASON!!!

I’m sorry but I can’t help it, and here’s where the “no control over it” part comes in, you see…I’m originally from Manitoba and therefore curling is literally in my blood and bones (sorry, but it’s a silly thing my Grandma used to say and it’s always stuck with me!)! I started curling with my parents when I was barely old enough to walk…ok, slight exaggeration but it’s only because I don’t remember how old exactly I was before I personally started curling, but even before then I was always at the rink watching my parents curl! I have such vivid memories of my Mom tucking me into one of the many big, comfy leather chairs in the warm viewing area, surrounding me with all my favourite books, toys and snacks! I’d be situated right behind the sheet of ice she was curling on and I’d stay planted in that chair for the entire game, barely ever even looking at what had been brought to keep my attention cause all my focus was on the curlers in front of me! The best part was after the game was over and Mom would give me the wave to come out on the ice with her and quickly, with just a few minutes to spare before the maintenance man would begin cleaning the ice, I’d plunk down into the hack and throw a couple of rocks! As I’m writing this I can almost hear that indescribable sound that is made as the rock glides down the sheet!!

So I hope all this explains why everything almost comes to a stop when curling is on lol….it’s not my fault!! Thankfully I can sew during and in between some games or else things would get ugly around here lol! And since I don’t work weekends usually, that meant I could actually sew, oh, and cook and clean between games!!

And that’s exactly what I did, I sewed up 2 of my toss cushions using a new technique to me, Flanged Cushions, and I love them! I’m sure part of my love for them is because I used this fabulous Premier Prints Oxford Blooms outdoor fabric!! Blooms is one of my absolute favourite prints in all available fabrics that we’ve had it in….Minky, double gauze and now this outdoor fabric!

I spent soooooooo much time looking for a tutorial/pattern that showed you how to do the Flange cover but with hidden zipper installation, such as my favourite, the lapped method but it seemed impossible. I guess the extra layers of fabric wouldn’t work with the flange…maybe? Most tutorials suggested using the envelope method but because these will be used and stored outdoors, I thought that opening would be like an invitation to bugs to come on in and set up camp inside my cushions lol!!

I finally settled on the “How To Make A Flanged Pillow” tutorial on the So Sew Easy website by Jann from Newton Custom Interiors. Other than changing the measurements to accommodate my 22″x22″ inserts that I purchased from Amazon and omitting the piping steps, I followed the tutorial exactly and I found it super easy to understand and execute!

I still have a few more cushions to make covers for but I think I’ll just do them basic, nothing fancy but I like the idea of having a few different styles for variety!

What’s your favourite cushion cover method? I could be persuaded to try something else for the rest of mine lol!

Have a great week, stay safe and have fun sewing something amazing!


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