If you Make it….Spring Shall Come!

If you Make it….Spring Shall Come….Sooner…..right?!? That’s a thing isn’t it, or did I just completely make that up! Made up or not, anything is worth a shot to bring on that Spring weather a wee bit sooner! It’s been absolutely freezing here in Ontario for the last little bit and while I fully understand that this is what is expected for this area and this time of year, that doesn’t mean that I’m not over it!!

So in my attempt at kicking this winter weather to the curb, I decided that I would get going on a project for by backyard from my “To-Do List”, my outdoor furniture cushions!

To be completely honest, I’ve been having this feeling that time is flying by so quick and before we know it, we’ll be wanting to head out to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of our outdoor living space but sadly we won’t be able to because I haven’t yet made the new outdoor furniture cushions!!!!!

So with that in mind, I decided it was time to get going with this project and be ever so glad to check off another project on my “To-Make List”! Then I quickly remembered why I was procrastinating about starting this project…..I had no clue how to actually do it lol! It seems like a HUGE project and I want to make sure I do a really good job so I don’t have to do it again any time soon and since we spend time out there almost daily when it warms up, I want it to be comfortable and pretty all at the same time!

Here’s a reminder for you of what I’m starting with! The picture is not deceiving, it’s not hiding worn, ripped or torn cushions, they’re actually in fairly good shape other than some inevitable fading. The problem is that our Pug Norman had a few accidents on the cushions and even though I thought I had cleaned them thoroughly, when we took them out of storage the following summer, there was an aroma that I just couldn’t get rid of no matter what I did! So while I had always planned on recovering the cushions at some point, this aroma obviously had penetrated the foam, rendering it unusable so that meant the project had just gotten a lot bigger since I would now have to get foam and make all new cushions!!

We found a medium density foam that was reasonably priced on Amazon quite awhile ago and I had already purchased my outdoor fabric from Funky Monkey Fabrics of course, the Premier Prints Jaxson Oxford in Solid Navy, so there was no stopping me (other than myself lol)!

I started by disassembling one of the cushions to see how they had been built by the manufacturer. I was surprised to discover that they had only used a 1.5″ thick piece of foam and surrounded it by upholstery batting! This completely explains why the cushions were very soft, almost too much so! The foam I purchased was 3″ deep and I had been worried that it wasn’t as thick as the existing cushions but after seeing how they had made them, I was sure the 3″ medium density would provide enough stability and yet still be comfortable for extended periods!

I had already scoured the internet looking at hundreds of websites and tutorials on all the ways to cover cushions and then I found a tutorial from Sailrite that was perfect! I had used one of their tutorials years ago when I made my first set of Roman Shades and I had absolutely no problems following their directions so I was beyond happy to see that they had one for this project too, and the name gave me hope…..”How to Make a 30-Minute Box Corner Cushion“!! They even help you calculate the exact amount of fabric you need, the size of the piece, how big of a zipper……EVERYTHING! You will obviously need to know what the finished size of the cushion needs to be and that information you will enter into their Fabric Calculator and it comes back with all the information and directions you need, it’s amazing!

I followed their directions exactly, just pausing the video as I went along and I am so pleased to share with you one of my finished cushions….

Lovely Side Seam!

Obviously I have more to do but now I’m so confident that I can do it all, and I’ll bring you along with me as I work on each part! Hopefully you’ll have as much fun as me!

Have you ever taken on a job that you thought was perehpays “bigger than you” and then were pleasantly surprised that you could indeed do it? I’d love to hear all about it….I might need the stories for inspiration if I start to get overwhelmed again!

Have a great week and as always, stay safe and have fun sewing!


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