Happy Fall!!

Hi all my Funky Monkey Fabrics Blog readers….how the heck are ya?!?

It’s been so long since I wrote a Blog post, I almost forget how lol!! I literally have not sewed anything, not one hem, not one face mask….nothing at all, till this past week that is, and even then it was a repeat project, well a tweaked and improved project but still, a repeat lol!!

Before I share that with you, let me do a quick recap on my last few weeks!! You may recall on my last post, I told you we were sending our youngest off to University, which I’m happy to report, we all survived!! Those first few days were soooooo strange around our house and we missed her terribly. What was perhaps the most surprising thing to me was how emotional my husband was about her absence, which, of course would set my tears off lol, we were a fine pair!! We soon found ourselves channeling all those feelings into a cleaning/renovating spree, which not only helped but was very rewarding as from previous Blogs, you’ll know I love a good purge!! Luckily she’s still close by so she comes home on weekends sometimes, which is just so nice to see her face in person, even if she brings loads of laundry lol!!

There, now that you’re all caught up on my life, let me share my latest project, and let’s see with a show of hands if anyone is surprised it was for my puppies lol?!?

If your hand is up, you’re the smart ones lol!! I’ve shared before that I make harnesses for my puppies because not only do I love having unique to them prints/patterns but I can also ensure they fit perfectly! Their current ones kinda got ruined from some beach days so I pulled out my go to pattern and away I went!

DIY Dog Harness by Pugs & Kisses

I follow this pattern pretty much exactly except for one small tweak that I’ve made to make it perfect for my fur-babies! This time I also had one more thing I wanted to add, inspired by a new friend who has her own embroidery business that you can find on Facebook, Embroidery Express. Ready to see the cuteness?!?

I know, I know…..cutest think you’ve ever seen right?!?

I’m so very, very happy with how these projects turned out! We received several compliments on their custom harnesses at a Pug Party we went to yesterday….I may have stumbled on a new business for myself lol!!

What have you been busy sewing up at your house? Christmas presents, or Halloween first lol?

Have a great week of creating, stay healthy and happy!!


2 thoughts on “Happy Fall!!”

  1. Your dogs are adorable, and the harnesses are genius!
    Your daughter is growing up. Been there, done that…it gets better.


    1. Thanks so much for your kind words Irene, I obviously agree that my dogs are adorable and the harnesses are just awesome….I’m actually sewing more right now, a new “winter” version…..hmmmm, maybe that will have to be another Blog post lol!! It’s actually amazing watching your kids grow and even though we miss her like crazy, we’re just so proud that she’s confident enough to be taking these steps!!! Life is good!! Take care Irene!!


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