Feeling Fresh!

Hidey Ho dear friends! As I previously shared with you in my first Blog post of 2023, I chose not to make the big, grand New Year’s Resolution, but what I did do was take on a word that I’m focusing my year around and that word is DECLUTTER! Not only am I decluttering physical stuff, but also working on clearing out all those negative thoughts, people…anything that is taking up valuable space that it doesn’t deserve!!

Clutter slightly stresses me out lol, stuff just hanging out everywhere that it doesn’t belong annoys me, it feels almost “heavy”, if that makes sense! When things are clean and tidy, I feel happier, lighter, if you will!

We all know how much joy I take in my sewing room, and we also know that I keep it pretty tidy but I have a cabinet in there that was starting to get out of control! I’m sure we all know how it happens, if you have a cabinet that has doors, you just throw something in there and close the doors really quick, hoping it stays put lol! No one has to see what it looks like in there unless you want them too, right lol! My cabinet is kind of a catch-all for all my crafts, too, cricut stuff, sewing stuff, macrame stuff, it all lives here, which worked until I started adding more and more Cricut materials and they started taking over more space than they should have!

I kept telling myself that I’d straighten it up eventually and finally this weekend I just decided to get’er done, and I decided to share the before and after with you, so here we go! Geez, why does it feel so “personal”, like I’m about to show you my underwear lol?!?

Yikes, that just makes me sad to look at lol!! I started by taking every single thing off the 3 shelves and gave them a good scrub! Then, before it was allowed to make it back in the cupboard, I asked myself a few questions…Is it something I currently use? If not, do I see myself using it in the near future? Would it bring someone else more joy than me? If I couldn’t answer “yes” to either of the first two questions, into the donate pile it went!

Now I know that some of you are probably rolling your eyes at me when you saw the picture lol! I understand it’s not the worst/messiest thing ever, but it made me uncomfortable! I’d also like to make sure that you understand that I’m not trying to shame anyone or make anyone feel uncomfortable if your area looks like this, or worse, that’s absolutely none of my business and I would never judge anyone because of their space! This is just about me and what makes me happy and content in my own space!

And finally, for the after that you’ve all been eagerly waiting for, I’m sure lol!

Ok say it with me….ooooohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh lol!! So perhaps it’s not a huge change but everything is in it’s spot and will be easy to find when it’s needed which is exactly what I wanted! Thanks to the good ol’ dollar store bins and trays to help keep things neat and tidy lol!

If by this time in your reading, you’re wondering why the heck did I even want to share this non-sewing project with you, well, it’s pretty simple! I know how easy it is to feel overwhelmed by life, which sometimes manifests itself in our spaces so, if that’s you, I challenge you to take on some part of your space that needs a little sprucing up, as big or small of a job as you want to tackle, and just give it a shot. I can almost guarantee you that you’ll fee better…lighter, too!

If you’re up for the challenge, let me know what you’re going to tackle, if you put it in writing, it helps keep you accountable….and so will I lol! I’ll gladly check up on your progress and see how you made out, if you want me to, of course!

Have an amazing week and take some time just for you, do something just for you because, my goodness, you deserve it!



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