System Overload!

You know how sometimes you have “rules” you live by, such as “don’t go swimming right after you eat”, “don’t start watching a scary movie right before bed”, “don’t wear those skinny jeans when heading out for a buffet dinner”….those kinds of things because you’ve done them in the past and the results were not the greatest for several different reasons! Well, I’ve broken one of these rules that I set for myself, and even shared with you here before and I’m feeling the consequences…..STRESS!

It’s at times like these, when you’ve bent or broken your self-imposed rule that you remember exactly why you made it in the first place!!!

I’ve told you before that I will only ever have one PIP (project in progress 😁) at a time, maybeeeee 2 if one is a big one and I squeeze in a quick little one, but definitely not more than 2, definitely not the kajillion it feels like I have right now at this point and time!!! So perhaps that’s a slight exaggeration, but I did say “feels like” not “actually is” lol! Here’s a list of what I have on the go right now:

  1. Sewing Machine Travel Bag
  2. Walker Bag
  3. Dayna Pack
  4. Cricut Project

Now some of you are probably having a good tee-hee over that “huge” list, wishing that was all the WIP/PIP’s you had, and I get that, but this is too much for me, hence why I’m feeling stressed lol! Worse, and what’s probably really causing the stress is that they all HAVE to be done by March 30th at the very latest, except the sewing machine bag of course! In case you’re wondering, no, these aren’t paying jobs either, just things I want to make for a weekend getaway lol!

I totally realize I lost any sympathy votes on that last comment lol…these are just “wants”, not “needs” lol! Will the weekend be an absolute bust if I don’t get them done? Definitely not! We’re going away with 2 of our closest friends, I will get to visit a dear friend in person for the first time in almost 2 years, I get to watch more curling, we’re staying at a cute little Airbnb …..it’s going to be an amazing weekend! Will it be even better for me if I get these projects done….yes lol!!!

What do you do when you feel like you’ve taken on too much? Do you just buckle down and get it done?

I’ll tell you what I am doing….this Blog post, which is exactly why I wrote it! I wasn’t going to write anything this week as I didn’t have anything to really share but then I got thinking, I can’t be the only one feeling like this and maybe we can all help each other! Writing things down, figuring out my steps, being able to check those steps off when they’re completed….those are all things that help me, and not just in my sewing room, but in life in general!! My daughter got me a journal for my birthday and it has been a game changer for me so far! Firstly, to get everything off my chest and onto that paper every night before bed feels very freeing! Some days I fill up the whole square with thoughts, other days it’s just a few words! My favourite part in the journal might be the “To Do Next Week” portion where I can jot down things I hope to accomplish the following week, and I cross them off once I’ve done them, and I also go back week by week until everything is crossed off completely from previous weeks!

So this is how I decided to tackle these jobs, to help me from feeling so overwhelmed….one little step at a time till I get to the finish line! It’s funny, sometimes I just need to change my wording of something to see a different perspective…whatever it takes right lol?!?

I’d love to hear your tips and tricks of what you do to cope with big “to do” lists, unless it’s to hide in a closet, I tried that and it wasn’t very helpful lol!

I hope you all have a great week, I’ll be back next week to let you know how things are going!



2 thoughts on “System Overload!”

  1. I’m dealing with project overload as well Shawna currently. Seeing them piled up in my sewing room was really stressing me out. I have only a couple that I can see that are the priority and the rest is in another room. One project at a time one day at a time & the projects will get done. Happy sewing😊

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    1. See…I knew I wasn’t alone lol!! I’ve thought about moving them to my other room but I wondered if I would then feel like I was “cheating” or something, that’s not really the right word but feeling some kind of way….like it would be just hanging over my head in a different type of way!! Ugggg the things I do to myself lol! The good news is I’ve just put my head down and instead of sitting on the couch every evening mindlessly watching TV, I’ve hit the sewing room and have made progress! No plans this weekend other than sewing/cricutting so I WILL get them done lol! Thanks so much Mary Lynn….we got this!!

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