Well.... it's gone! I've looked under my desk, in my fabric shelves, behind my sewing room door but nope, it's gone!!! Have you seen it, my sewing mojo that is...cause it's gone!!! I think all my sewing at Christmas time finally caught up to me and right now I have absolutely zero ambition to sew...… Continue reading Lost!


Secret Santa

So this year we decided to "do" Christmas a wee bit different, for us anyway....we decided to do a "Mostly Secret Santa"! We have 3 children aged 30, 26 and 17 and we have always bought pretty much equally for all of them and I'll be honest....it was wearing me down! Christmas was becoming about… Continue reading Secret Santa


More Minky Love!

Yup, it's still happening...the love affair between Minky and me is still going strong! Now, considering I planned a whole new baby gift around Minky, this is good news! I mentioned in a previous blog that I was going to make 3 Minky items for this gift, and those did indeed happen, but then another… Continue reading More Minky Love!

Weekly Sale

Weekly Sale: Double Gauze

So as I sit down to write this blog I realize that I have absolutely no personal projects to share with you in Double Gauze because somehow I lost a whole week....seriously!!!!! Like the rest of the world, we are in self isolation. I only leaving the house to take my dog, and myself, for… Continue reading Weekly Sale: Double Gauze

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Weekly Sale: Minky

Well this is going to be a fun sale week....it's the ever popular MINKY! Easily one of our most popular items every day of the year, sale or not! We have so many customers that run their own small business featuring products they make with minky so they are placing large orders on a regular… Continue reading Weekly Sale: Minky

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Weekly Sale: Double Gauze – Crib Sheet Tutorial

Today I'm going to show you how easy it is to create your own crib sheet from double gauze fabric. Crib sheets are the new baby gifts you need to be giving! New moms can only use so many swaddles, but what they do need are beautiful crib sheets – and Double Gauze should be… Continue reading Weekly Sale: Double Gauze – Crib Sheet Tutorial