Busy Week!

Happy almost December….or if you’re American…Happy Thanksgiving!! We have long past celebrated our Canadian Thanksgiving for the year but this weekend we do quite enjoy celebrating Black Friday! We had our annual Black Friday/Weekend Sale at Funky Monkey where all you lucky shoppers could enjoy a 20% storewide discount and believe you me, lots of you made good use of that discount!

We have been busy busy little worker bees working round the clock to get all your orders cut and shipped in a timely manner, so perhaps it’s needless to say that there hasn’t been lots of extra time to sew……however, I did manage to get 2 projects done, and each project had multiple pieces so you could say that I’m a wee bit proud of myself, oh, and one of those projects had quite a bit of my most dreaded sewing task…….HAND SEWING!!!!!!!

Saturday was the annual “Holiday Photos in Support of Happy’s Place Rescue” organization where for a donation, you can take your pets for a professional photo shoot with the beyond talented Joanne Merner of Your Dog’s Photographer! While I was busy cutting away all of those Black Friday orders, my husband rounded up the 3 dogs, our 2, Norman and Dani, and our son’s dog, Prudence (who is actually Norman’s real life sister!) and they headed off for 40 minutes of what can only be described as a pure model experience….diva attitudes and all!

Last year we just took Norman for the event as we it was our first year and we weren’t sure what to expect. The pictures turned out so amazing and the whole experience was such a pleasure, we just had to include the other 2 fur-babies this year! I just have to share the picture with you…….

Just look at my little Norman…..isn’t this just the most picturesque!!! And in case you’re wondering….yes, I did knit his sweater lol!!!

This year I needed to come up with 3 matching Christmas themed apparel items in 3 different sizes….medium, large and extra-large, and I also needed to make something fairly quickly as I just didn’t have much time to work with so I decided to go with something I’ve quite enjoyed making lately……harnesses!! I knew they would look super cute and would also be very functional for the rest of the Christmas season…and maybe for future years too! So here’s what I came up with……

Fabric: Canadian Christmas Snowflakes on White, Red Double Fold Bias Tape, Red Webbing, Red Eco-fi Felt, 1″ Plastic Buckle

This is the same harness I have previously made for Norman, the DIY Dog Harness by Pugs and Kisses UK on Etsy. I really love how the large size fits him perfectly so I was pretty sure the medium would be great for sweet little Prudence too since she’s obviously a Pug as well! Our Dani is not a Pug but a big Basset Hound/Sharpei so I was hopeful that the XL would fit her, and it did and I absolutely cannot wait to see the pictures, and don’t you worry, I’ll share with all of you when I get them!!!!

So with the first project successfully completed, I somewhat hesitantly moved on to the next one! My friend Tracey recently completed a huge front porch renovation on her house and just had purchased a gently used outdoor couch and loveseat for all the company that now stops by to enjoy the beautiful outdoor seating area! The only problem with the furniture was that it didn’t come with cushions…so guess who she asked to rectify this situation lol?!? She even made it so easy for me by getting the foam and the fabric so “all” I had to do was the sewing…..no problem, ok, well kind of no problem lol!!!

Here’s another secret about me……SEWING FOR OTHER PEOPLE STRESSES ME OUT!!!!! So did I say no? Duh….I’m writing about it so that wouldn’t be a very interesting story if I did say no wouldn’t it so yes, I said yes, begrudgingly yes, but none the less, yes lol!!!

So this is what I started with, a big chunk of foam and a roll of 5 yards of outdoor fabric (neither are from Funky Monkey but only because we don’t sell foam or a plain red outdoor fabric….but the Scarlet Red thread is from Funky Monkey so that made it ok lol)! She gave me the measurements and along with that, absolutely no instructions lol!! She said “I don’t know the first thing about sewing, just make it look nice and I’ll be happy”! Well, ok then, that will be my goal lol!

The new porch is very substantial and is fully covered by a roof that will protect the cushions from the ever changing weather conditions of Ontario. Because of that and the fact that the material has a rubber-like backing that does not appear to be washing machine friendly, I asked Tracey if she thought she would ever want to take the material off to spot clean or to store them, to which she answered “no” so I decided that zippers where not required.

I decided that I would wrap the fabric around the foam so that there wasn’t a seam at the front. I sewed up the side and back seams, leaving a large hole to insert the foam afterward. I boxed the front and back corners so that everything would lay nice and flat and then physically wrestled the foam into place (not exaggerating at all, I’m sure it was quite the site lol!) and then, finally, hand sewed that @#!&%# back seam! Here is the finished cushions….

I’m quite pleased with them and hope that Tracey loves them too! With her permission, I’ll share a picture of them in their natural habitat once I deliver them this week!

Ok, now I’m just plain tuckered out and tomorrow’s another day of cutting those Black Friday/Weekend orders so I’m off to catch some z’s…well, maybe to watch a Christmas movie first but then definitely sleep!

Have a great week everyone….and Happy Sewing!


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