Check Off Another One!

Ohhhhhh it’s so gratifying when I can scratch off another one of my “to make” projects, and that’s what I got to do yesterday!!

This week’s project was a fun one but it had a definite upcoming deadline, which is coming up pretty fast…..Christmas!! Remember when I said I was going to make stockings with those awesome Gnome flannels? Well, even if you don’t remember, I did say it and I’m happy to report that I did indeed make them!

Fabrics from top to bottom: Multi Stacked Gnomes Flannel, Black Tossed Gnomes Flannel, Multi Gnomes & Woodland Animals Flannel, Beige Gnomes Cotton

This is where it all began…when these flannels appeared in our store in June, I just knew they would be perfect for the stockings I’ve been wanting to make for years but had just never gotten around to. The amount of time between when I bought the fabric and when I actually made the stockings is kind of embarrassing but it was a case of “I have lots of time to make those” and then all of a sudden we were in December, our tree was up but there was no stockings in sight lol!

It’s funny how the world works sometimes, it’s as if you need a gentle nudge by the Crafting Gods (or whomever it is you believe in 😊) to get you going on your way to starting and/or completing a project! Thankfully, that’s exactly what happened to me! I was scrolling mindlessly through Facebook one day when I spied this pattern image from Sincerely, Jen Patterns….

Holiday Armadillo Stocking by Sincerely, Jen Pattern Company

It was all I needed, the proverbial “kick in the pants” and I promptly got my butt up and “Project Stockings” was underway! I knew I wanted a fairly large stocking and the noted finished measurements of the Holiday Armadillo Stocking assured me it was just was I was looking for, without me having to actually look for a pattern lol! Now the pattern does have a price tag of $2.99 USD however I was happy to see this statement on the pattern page, “This pattern is FREE for members of my Facebook Group!  Please join Sincerely Jen Patterns Group for the code to use at checkout!” I mean seriously, $2.99 is a steal for a great pattern but come on, Free is even better!

This pattern came together so quick, and I was even making 3 at once! I decided that I would just use some stash fabric for the linings cause you can’t see them anyway, so that ended up being Kona Charcoal. Due to my new love of Minky, there was no question about what I’d use for the cuff, just had to figure out which one would be the most complimentary to all 3! Initially I thought I wanted a red but there really isn’t very many in the Luxe family and I didn’t want to use a smooth or dimple so that led me to the subtle brown Camel Frosted Hide! I didn’t want to cover up any of those cute little Gnomes so decided not to add the toe and heel accent! Eeeeeekkkkk, I’m so excited to show you the finished stockings!!

I honestly love these stockings and I am so absolutely happy with how they turned out! All I’m left wondering is…………..what the heck took me so long lol?!? Oh well, they’re done now and we will enjoy them for years to come! I have leftover fabric too so if we ever have additions to our family, I’ll be able to make more stockings!

Have you made Christmas stockings for your family? I’m curious if you made them when your kids were young and you continue to use the same ones for years and years or if you’ve made new ones periodically throughout the years?

I hope you enjoyed reading about my cute little stockings, I really appreciate your support! Have a great week of sewing and stay safe and take care!


4 thoughts on “Check Off Another One!”

  1. Great post and the stockings look stunning! So true, Christmas/December comes along so quickly! Your post is the kick in the pants for me to get my stockings, hats, and scarfs made before Dec 20!


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