So This Happened….

After last week’s loss of mojo, I’m pleased to report that it’s back….well almost lol!! I had a “situation” on Thursday night that has put a damper on my sewing…..I should say on my sewing/cooking/cleaning/doing almost any task except sitting on the couch lol!! What was this situation you may be wondering, what could possible bring my life to almost a stand-still? Perhaps a picture of said situation will help you understand my predicament…..

Introducing our new houseguest, Miss Piggy! It’s been a whirl wind of activity and emotions and I’m not sure that I’ve even figured out how to feel or deal with any of it!

I was at work on Thursday and got a message from the breeder that I got my Pug Norman from, which isn’t an unusual occurrence as we chat fairly regularly. She loves hearing about Norman’s antics and is one of his biggest social media fans (is a Pug really a Pug if they don’t have their own IG and FB pages lol?)! The message she sent though was an unusual one, saying that there had been a fight amongst the grumble and one poor, sweet little Pug had been attacked by the other Pugs and was pretty seriously injured. She wondered if I could help them out and take one of the females out of the house for a couple of weeks to try to cool things off! A couple of the females are coming into heat and when that happens there is a shift in the hierarchy of a grumble and sometimes, sadly, fights ensue!

I hesitated long enough to do the “proper thing” and check with my husband lol, who of course said yes, so he picked me up at 4 and we headed out for the 1.5 hour drive to get our new roommate! Once arriving we met out in their non-heated garage and we were all thankful for having to wear masks as they kept our faces warm lol!! We got our instructions and little Miss Piggy, and off we went for the 1.5 hour trip back home!

That poor baby clung to me with a might I didn’t know dogs had in them! We had just ripped her away from all her family and my heart was tore into pieces for her! I held her just as tight and cried for her! I was also worried about my Norman as I certainly didn’t want to upset him or put him in a bad situation!

To make a long story short, things are going pretty good, better each day! Norman greeted her with excitement and happiness so that was one huge relief! We have had to figure out so many other things and she has decided that I am her person so I’m trying to be there for her as much as possible to try to help her transition to all these new things!

Once again, I’ve rambled and you’re probably thinking to yourself, “ah Shawna….this is a SEWING blog right?” lol…..I’m sorry, but yet again…there is a sewing part of the story and here it is……

Fat Half of Multi Butterflies Digital and Fuchsia Embossed Heart

Every baby needs their own blanket right?!? So this is Miss Piggy’s lol!!! You may remember last summer when my Minky sewing obsession began, I made myself this lap blanket.

Fat Half of Hoffman Peony Digital Minky and Plum Galaxy Luxe Minky

Well, this lap blanket quickly became Norman’s blanket! It isn’t very manly but Norman is very comfortable with both his masculine and feminine side so he 100% embraces the floral pattern lol! And can you just imagine how he felt when Miss Piggy arrived and seemed to find great comfort in cuddling with his blanket?!? So how does a “maker” such as myself rectify the situation? Why I make Miss Piggy her own blanket, picking out fabrics that will compliment and enhance her beautiful black coat!

It’s still kind of up in the air as to how long she’ll be with us, but no matter the time frame, she’s loving Minky as much as we all do!

Do any of you foster animals? If so, how do you stop yourself from falling in love with them…..asking for a friend 🤦‍♀️ !!!

I hope you have a great week of sewing and as always, please keep safe and healthy!


6 thoughts on “So This Happened….”

  1. Have fostered many and am a mommy to three rescues. It’s tough, but either way — foster fail or foster, it’s a wonderful thing.

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    1. That’s awesome of you, great job!! I agree, we do what we can for these fur-babies, whatever works for each person/family is the most important thing!! Thanks Shannon!!

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