Using Your Leftovers!

Remember what feels like eons ago when sewists everywhere were making masks by the 10, 100’s, even thousands? It was sometimes quite difficult to find supplies, especially elastic, so when you were lucky enough to find some, you bought it, and a lot of it!! Thankfully the demand for masks has dimmed and while they’re still worn by lots of people, they’re a choice not a requirement so most sewists have gladly gotten back to sewing things other than masks but now find ourselves with a different “problem”…..their poor sewing rooms are spilling over with an abundance of elastic and silicone cord adjusters! Don’t worry, if you’re one of these sewists that I’m speaking of, you’re about to thank me and maybe even want to put me in your will, which isn’t necessary at all, such grand gestures make me uncomfortable lol!

While scrolling through Facebook the other day, I say the cutest little pouch pattern from Lazy Girl Designs called Cutie Pie Pouches but it was the description that really caught my attention, “How To Make An Adorable Fabric Bag With Face Mask Elastic”!

Cutie Pie Pouches by Lazy Girl Designs

I think these pouches are perfectly named, they really are such little cutie pies!!

I had been wanting to make a tiny little pouch to transport some Wonder Clips in when we head to our Staff Sewing Nights and this pattern appeared to be the perfect size! It’s pretty tiny, fits in the palm of your hand, and uses such a small amount of fabric but most importantly, it uses up some of that elastic and silicone strap adjusters….PERFECT!!

So this is what I started with:

Add some cute fabric and I ended up with….

Oh, and my assistant Minnie really, really wanted to be in the pictures too so here you go lol!

These are the two that I literally whipped up in minutes and yup, they are just the right size for my clips or any other small notions I might need! I will also carry one in my purse for those little things that always end up in the bottom….dental floss, lip gloss, Tylenol, etc!

If you’ve never done one of Joan Hawley’s Lazy Girl patterns, you really should! She comes up with the most creative, and yet so simple methods that make you wonder why all bag designers don’t do it this way lol!! This would be a great pattern to start off with, especially if you have lots of supplies just waiting to be used up! It’s a FREE pattern for a limited time so I’d head on over to the page and get your copy while you can!

Hope you enjoy this little scrap buster, it’s a fun and super quick one! Have you tried any of the Lazy Girl Designs? If so, which ones? My first one was the Sweet Pea Pods, another quick fun one!

Have a great week everyone, Happy Creating!



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