Pretty in Purple!

Well, we meet here again, and you’ll be happy to know that this week’s Blog is actually about sewing lol, and I’m sure you won’t be surprised to hear that the project wasssssssss ANOTHER BAG lol!!!! Or maybe you will be surprised, asking yourself, “what the heck…another bag, what does she do with all these bags?!?” lol!! Oh and just so you’re not left in suspense….I use every single one of them lol!! Sometimes I use them for a short while and realize after a bit of time what I don’t love about them and sometimes it takes longer, or hopefully there’s nothing I don’t love so I use them, put them away and then bring them out again!

This time I had a different reason for making the newest bag, and that was to try something I’ve never been able to 100% successfully do with my past sewing machines, but I was pretty confident that Judi Juki could handle it….a bag made using a completely faux leather exterior! This wasn’t necessarily on my “to make” list when I got my new machine but rather I saw a post in a FB group that made my jaw drop and inspired me to give it a try!

I shared with you a few weeks ago the Purse Pal by Linds Handmade Designs that I made and also that she had a few other patterns that I wanted to try, one of those being this awesome one…

Krystal Convertible Bag by Linds Handmade Designs

This is the Krystal Convertible Bag, such a unique bag, don’t you think?!? I was very intrigued and bought the pattern as soon as it was released with no real “oh I’ll definitely use that fabric for it” until I saw a post by a member in the Linds Handmade Designs FB group that, as I said, made my jaw drop! Here’s the exact screenshot that I took of the bag made and submitted by Kathy Crettenden of her Krystal Convertible Bag…..

WOWZERS right?!? I loved so many things about this bag…the colour, the bow, the tassel….so basically everything lol! I immediately commented and told her I loved it and that I hope she didn’t mind if “some of us” borrowed/stole some of her ideas lol….hey, I get points for being honest, right?!? Obviously mine would be very different, especially since she is from Australia and therefore used the plentiful and reasonably priced Kangaroo Hide!!! Vinyl vs Kangaroo Hide?!? I don’t think there’s much competition there lol!

So anyways, while I was sure that Judi could handle the task, I have also been wrong about such things before so I decided that I was once again going to attempt to use items I had in my stash if possible, and that included the vinyl. Yes, FMF has amazing vinyl rolls from Sew Hungry Hippie that I would absolutely use in the future, but for a “tester bag”, I decided to use some inexpensive vinyl I had purchased years ago from a big box fabric store. It’s not the best quality but the colour is gorgeous, which is what drew me to it in the first place. I chose the beautiful Black Tropical Bliss by Michael Miller for my interior and the hardware mostly came from my supplies. With all my materials gathered, I was ready to see just what Judi could do!

I will also say once again that the designer, Lindsay, is kind enough to not only include SVG files when possible, but she also included FREE tutorial videos on YouTube!!! So when I started this pattern, I began using the written pattern but I was kind of confused in places so I flipped over to the video and it was honestly so much better. She does things in a different order sometimes and it’s nice to be able to just watch her do some of the “maneuvers” instead of trying to read them lol! I will also confess that at one point I nearly ended up in frustrated tears and perhaps/maybe/totally yelled out a few “choice” words!!! The problem in one word….RIVETS!!!!! OMG, they were awful!!!!! I’m sure it was the vinyl, the thickness, but the whole process was “fumbly”, it was just a pain, and in my true confession manner, I ended up having to use 2 different sizes of rivets right beside each other due to different thicknesses….it was just a mess!!!!! Of course, as soon as you’re done that last rivet, you immediately thing to yourself, “well that wasn’t so bad” rofl, oh yes Shawna, it really WAS that bad lol! Anyway, I’m sure if you’re one of those people that have a rivet press then you’ll be completely fine, but I don’t and certainly don’t need one so I’ll struggle on the “old fashioned” way lol! Ok, enough blubbering on, here it is, my rendition of Kathy Crettenden’s bag!

I’m so very, very pleased with my bag, and beyond impressed with Judi! There was not one part that she struggled with anywhere throughout the bag! She just purred along and gave me nothing but beautiful stitches doing it! It’s funny, I used to be very precise at matching threads to my fabrics so that they would hopefully hide and you wouldn’t be able to see them……NO MORE!! Now I’m using contrasting threads ON PURPOSE and I’m even going to show you these up close pictures of the stitches, something else I’d never have done before lol!

I also really love my little tassle and I can move it anywhere I want, depending on how I’m wearing the bag at that moment! You may however notice that there isn’t a bow, which makes me a wee bit sad but I just couldn’t figure it out!!! Lots of people asked Kathy how she made hers and she never gave exact directions, which she certainly doesn’t have to give her secrets away, she just more gave direction like “look on YouTube” or “think Cheer bows”, etc., so I looked and there are lots but not exactly like hers. I tried one on Cricut and it’s pretty good, I just need to work on it a bit more and then I’ll try again and since it can be added at anytime, I’m good lol!

Well, that’s all for this time folks, hope you enjoyed my latest make! Have yourself an amazing week and hopefully you find some time to create something amazing!



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