Are you ready for this, like really ready for some exciting news?!? This is actually such an exciting announcement……MY SEWING ROOM IS COMPLETELY DONE!! When last I updated you on the “done but not done” space, we were so close, I just needed to add those “this is definitely Shawna’s space” touches and I had a few projects to complete….and it’s all done!

You may notice that I use different terminology to describe the space; sewing room, creative space, crafting space, etc., and that’s because I’ve recently evolved as a Maker, hmmmm, maybe that’s what I should call it, my Maker Space lol! You might have noticed in the last update pictures that there was a Cricut Maker on my desk now, yes, I’ve delved into that area of crafting and I’m having so much fun with it, and it helped with my room decor too! Ok, enough chit chat, let’s get to the good stuff lol, so we’ll do a little story with pictures to show the complete transformation:

And now, drumroll please…I’m proud to share with you the finished “that’s definitely Shawna’s space” space lol:

Just a reminder that these 3 Timeless Treasures fabrics are my inspiration for my colour scheme!

Isn’t it just so fun, if I do say so myself lol!! I fully understand it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea but it doesn’t need to be does it lol! I know you’ll all understand and appreciate my excitement!

So now let’s take a better look at the 4 biggest projects I completed: changing out the fabric in the wardrobe, recovering my sewing chair, making a brand new cushion for my footstool and finally, the only project that required any sewing at all lol, making a new ironing board cover! All of these projects were brand new to me but I totally got them done, with a lot of help from my hubby that is! We have an old, old staple gun and I could barely make it work in the harder woods lol! Here’s some better before and after pics of those:

I’m so proud of all of these projects but especially the chair, that was the one that intimidated me the most for 2 reasons, first off, I’d never done that before and secondly, it was a BRAND NEW CHAIR lol!!! This chair is the Janome Arrow Hydraulic Sewing Chair and I’ve been eyeing it for awhile but I just couldn’t justify the $399+ price tag!! As per normal Shawna, I would continually do a search for it to see if there was a sale anywhere and then magically one day I found one on The Shopping Network, it was $100 off plus I had an additional 25% off code HOWEVER there was one catch, as there normally is right?!? At that exact moment, the only fabric choice was “Wicked Cosplay” by Timeless Treasures which for some people would be great…..but not me lol!! The chair normally comes in so many sewing themed prints but not at this price so after thinking about if for a couple of days, I decided that at the price, I couldn’t pass it up and that I would recover the chair, yes, recover the brand new chair lol!! It was the last project I tackled but once I started, it was easy! The fabric on the chair was a heavier weight canvas and since I was using a light-weight quilting cotton, I decided to give it some strength by interfacing it with Pellon 931 Fusible Mid-Heavy Weight, which worked out great! I also did that for the fabric panels on the wardrobe as well as we were pulling them taut and stapling them. I’m so happy I did it, it fits in so much better now!

So I think that’s it, I think I’ve showed you, and probably overwhelmed you with all the pictures lol! Thanks so much for your encouragement and kind words throughout this project, I appreciated it so much!

Can you guess where I’m headed now lol?!? I hope you all have an amazing week!


2 thoughts on “Ta-Daaaa!!”

    1. Thank you soooo much Sibyl!! You’re so right, we all need our own little space, chair, corner, whatever we can find….and I have found mine and feel so content in there surrounded by all the fun things!! Thanks so much Sybyl, have a great day!!


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