So Shady!!

Hi all, I’m back and I’m just being so shady these days, well maybe I should rephrase that…..I’m MAKING shade these days rofl!! I finally completed a project that I fully thought of on my own but that I didn’t enjoy doing for even a second lol!

I’m pretty sure I mentioned it to you at some point over the course of my Blogs but I’ll give you a refresher! 2 summers ago I purchased a used outdoor swing and it was in pretty rough shape. I paid $50 for it and once I got there to pick it up, I actually realized I probably over-paid even at $50 but it was the first summer of Covid so it was all completely contactless, I messaged her, we arranged a time and I paid her with an EMT before I had actually seen it in person….not that she lied at all, the pictures showed the rips/tears in the canopy, it’s just that once we got there and I really looked at it, I kind of realized this “little makeover project” was probably bigger than I had realized but I’d already paid her, like I said there was no contact so it just seemed like a bigger hassle to try to back out so we disassembled it, which was a bigger job as well lol, got it home in 2 trips and then reassembled it….and then rested lol!! We used it that summer as it was, and it was fine, it did the job mostly. Then last summer, same thing, used it as was but the rips/tears were definitely bigger so the canopy that was supposed to shield you from the sun was not really doing that! My husband Jeff kind of nonchalantly asked a couple of times if I still planned on making a new canopy for it to which I begrudgingly answered, “ya, someday” lol!

So now, this year we’re entering the 3rd summer with this swing and when Jeff set up all the outdoor furniture, including the swing, I see that the canopy isn’t even on it anymore, and upon further investigation, I find that it’s neatly folded and is sitting on my cutting table lol……ok, ok, I got the hint lol, so finally I started the boring project lol!

So here’s where I would normally show you the before pictures, but do you think I can find even one picture of it lol….nope!! Guess that goes to show how bad it was lol! I know I took “before” pics the day we brought it home but I’ve changed phones since then so who knows where those pictures are!! But anyways, we’ll jump right to the after pictures!

Ta-da lol!! Not sure how impressive it is when there’s nothing to compare it but hopefully my description was sufficient! And truthfully, even the “after” picture isn’t super exciting but hey, it’s done lol!! Since I used the other canopy as the pattern to make this one…just picture this one in the grey that the seat cushions are made out of and with huge flaps on the top just blowing in the wind lol! Speaking of that seat cushion, I’m sure you’re wondering if I’m going to re-do that too and the answer is yes, well, yes I should but will I?!? Is anyone else getting the feeling that I’m just “over” this whole project lol!! The cushion is soooooo thin, there’s no comfort to it at all but on top of just not wanting to do it, the other problem is that I only have 1 yd of that fabric left and we aren’t carrying it anymore and I also don’t want to have any more expenses on this project either! I do have some other outdoor fabric in a solid red that was left over after I finished making the cushions for my friend so maybe I’ll use that? Soooo many “maybe’s” and “don’t wanna’s” lol, I’m beginning to feel like this post is quite negative, please forgive me lol!!!!

Please tell me I’m not the only one that decides to do a project, then puts it off, then does it but doesn’t enjoy it lol….please!!!

Oh well, off I go to sit on my swing and enjoy it lol!! I hope you find some time to sit and enjoy something too, sometimes we just need that!



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