Still Plugging Away!

Hidey Ho all you awesome people! How are all of you doing? What’s new? Did you do anything exciting this week? Does it sound like I’m trying to avoid talking about sewing lol?!?

I’m not really trying to avoid the subject, I just was hoping to have more to talk about, like the fact that I was finally done the 2 bags I started last month but that hasn’t happened…yet anyway lol! I did sew pretty much all day on Sunday and certainly did accomplish a lot on the bags but I still have such a long way to go uggggg! Sewing 2 big bags at once seems to take so much longer, or is that just my overactive imagination lol?!? I’ll tell you, keeping all the pattern pieces straight for each bag has been quite the process too! Some of the pieces are using the same fabric for each bag so I found a couple of times that I had missed cutting out one, or else I lost it in between my cutting table and my sewing room lol!!!

Don’t worry, I completely know that it sounds like I’m whining….because I am lol!!! I certainly haven’t been as organized as I usually am so I have definitely learned my lesson, it’s just made the whole process so much more challenging!

Ok, ok….I’ll stop now lol! I’m almost done, maybe another weekend and I’ll be able to share the final pics with you!!!

You know what I did do though? I made my list of “To Make for Christmas” and let me tell you, I really gotta quit this blubbering and get to sewing….I have quite the list!!!!

  • Zombie’s Grinch Collar
  • Christmas Collars for my puppies
  • Christmas Cushion for Sewing Room Chair
  • Heating pads and Aromatherapy Eye Pillows, 5 sets
  • Nancy’s Minky Blankets, 2
  • Wall Hanging
  • Shirts for Couple’s Weekend – Cricut, not sewing thankfully!

Seeeeeeeee, it’s a lot lol!! And actually, everything on that list has to be made before Christmas! Please don’t judge me, I realize that’s really not that much to sew but I don’t have that much spare time to sew….and also, there’s so many Cricut Christmas projects I want to make lol!

I have now “grounded” myself in a sort of way….instead of “you’re not going outside to play until you’ve cleaned your room” kind of thing, I’ve told myself “you’re not sewing anything else until you’ve finished those bags” lol!!! I’m a tough nut eh? Maybe not too tough because I’ve already defied my own self and went ahead and sewed up something for my sewing room chair lol! I think it’s fine though, cause it literally took me like 20 minutes so I don’t thing it even counts…right lol?!?

Fabrics Used: Ash Smooth (backing), Scarlet Jolly Gnomes, Caviar Seal (cushion cover)

There we are….how do you like my new Christmas cushion cover lol?? Ok, so not really a new cushion cover at all is there? That’s the same Caviar Seal cover that I previously made because I just couldn’t make those cute little gnomies work for the size of my cushion! It’s an odd and small 12″ wide by 9″ tall and while there are a few different little gnome scenes that would work for that size, I didn’t have a big enough piece to make it work! I tried several different things and then it occurred to me, why not just use the whole piece that I had and make it a little throw to go over the back of the chair!!!!I had a piece of Ash Smooth left over from my comforter that was almost the same size so it worked perfectly! The best part is that I could showcase the whole print instead of having to narrow it down to 2 of my favourite ones for the cushion! I’m so happy with how it turned out, it’s a super cute little lap blanket!

Now, are any of you surprised that I have more pictures to share with you of this project that just happen to feature 2 certain little crazy fur-babies lol?!? It’s like they know that they’re going to be seen here so no sooner had I set everything up when up took turns jumping up there lol! The last picture is after Norman did some redecorating, he apparently prefers the pillow on the side lol!

That’s all for now, I’m going to gooooooooo do one little Cricut project while I watch a Christmas movie lol…I just can’t help myself lol!

Oh, but before that, I just wanted to quickly mention that I had the pleasure of chatting with the sweetest woman the other day when she called the shop to ask about some interfacing. She was so kind and proceeded to tell me that she’s a big fan of this little ‘ol Blog and I just about cried when I hung up! As I said to her, I sometimes forget that “real people” actually read all this blibber blabber and to know that people enjoy reading it and look forward to it just warms my heart so thank you so much Margaret, I sincerely appreciate you for your kind words and your support!

I hope you all have an amazing week!



4 thoughts on “Still Plugging Away!”

  1. Well I’m with Margaret! I enjoy reading your blog as well. It’s very inspiring.
    Long projects can really bog me down as well. Feels like you’re never going to get through it. So I get stopping & doing little quick ones that are very gratifying. Maybe finish just one bag at a time to break it up. Happy sewing Shawna until next time💓

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    1. I’m fortunate to have you “in my corner” too Mary Lynn!!! Hmmm, that’s perhaps a better idea than torturing myself to just get them done?!? I like how you think I’m going to do that….but when I do go back to the bags think I better still finish them at the same time or else I might get accused of favoritism lol!! Thanks so much for all your support in all I do Mary Lynn, I appreciate it so much!

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  2. Definite reader of your blog! It puts another “human face” (real person) to Funky Monkey, in such a way that when I saw the weekly “minky” sale this week, I immediately think of you and Melissa and her mom and her daughter, and start talking out loud to you all. Like, “seriously, how can I resist all that beautiful minky now that it is on SALE, oh the temptations”.
    I have met Melissa, her mom and daughter, when they were located in Varna, and enjoyed many visits there.
    Reading your blog, makes me feel like I now know you, even though we have not met in person. And it makes me realize I am not the only one, with the passion to create and than gets caught up in the “busy, how can I find the time, to do it all”.
    And we all love to hear and see what others are doing….it gives us all inspiration!

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    1. Awe you’re so sweet Frances! That makes me very happy that you feel like you know me….cause that’s exactly how I feel about our “regulars” lol! I see your name and think “oh there’s Frances, wonder what she’s making with this….oh, what’s she going to pair this one with”….I have lots of conversations in my head lol!! So thankful to all of you kindred spirits! We’re a tight knit (pun intended 🤭) group of “friends”, us sewists, and we’re all lucky to have each other to learn from and be inspired by! I appreciate you Frances, thank you soooo much!!


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