What Flaws?!?

I can say with complete honestly and no exaggeration at all that I have been sewing my entire life! I can to this day picture my Mom’s sewing room, however, and this is kind of funny, but I can not remember my Mom actually in the sewing room nor do I remember seeing any of her completed projects! Ok, there was that one time that she made matching skirts for me and my 2 older sisters to wear to her parent’s 50th wedding anniversary party and I probably only remember those because they were long, floor length skirts but they didn’t have any slits in them so we literally had to shuffle to walk in them lol! But again, I don’t remember her actually making them, I just know that she did!

Her sewing room was tiny and square with a single window that let tons of light in so it was always cozy and warm in there. It had a big plastic shelf on one wall that held lots of treasures of fabric and notions and I would spend hours playing in there with my Barbie’s, folding the squares of fabric into beds for them and using her machine to sew up seams to make skirts or sleeveless dresses for them. I don’t remember her showing me how to use it but I’m assuming she did at some point!

That went on for a few years and then that novelty wore off and my next sewing experience was in Grade 9 when I began taking Home-Economics in a neighbouring school once a week! It was broken into 2 parts, cooking and sewing and much to my dismay, cooking was first! While I ended up loving the cooking part, especially when we got to make Bacon Carbonara Pasta, I was patiently biding my time till the sewing chapter began! I loved it every second of it and was so excited to hear that we could chose any top pattern we wanted and by the end of the term, we would have a fashion show with all of our creations! I chose to make a cowl neck shirt and found the most delicious teal plaid cotton to make it up in! Every week we worked on each component and I was amazed as I watched this creation come to life until finally I was strutting down the runway (ok, the aisle between the row of desks but just let me have my moment please lol)! Did it fit perfectly? Nope lol, the sleeves were slightly too short and were a smidge too tight in my underarms but did I care one single iota? Nope again! I rocked that shirt for the rest of that year and then when I couldn’t handle the tight underarms anymore, and I just happened to be in my “punk rock” phase, I ripped the arms off, frayed the edges and a new shirt was born! I made more articles of clothing over my teen years and then when I left home, that was the end of my sewing for many, many years!

I never once throughout those years looked at something and thought “Why would I buy that, I could totally make it” even though truthfully, I totally could have 90% of the time! Now I wish my thought process was “Why would I make that, I could totally buy it for cheaper and it would be quicker” lol!! I do drive myself crazy sometimes but it’s so true! I bet there’s not a shopping trip that goes by that that exact sentence doesn’t come out of my mouth at least once!

The huge variety of all that can be accomplished with these incredible machines in absolutely awesome!!! Barbie clothes, tablecloths, bags, curtains, cushion covers, costumes, tents, clothing, scarves, bean bags, wedding dresses, underwear, blankets…..etc, etc, etc!!!!! Whatever stage of life you’re in can determine what you use that machine for but without fail, it’ll be there for you and will help you create a necessity or a “just because I want to” item! And it doesn’t have to be some big huge, extravagant item, it can be something so simple that has a huge impact! Which in a very long winded way brings me to the point of my Blog post this week!

Since I am now the proud owner of 3 vintage sewing machines, my husband decided that I needed a more efficient work space so he got me a beautiful u-shaped desk and took down my previous desk which was a kitchen countertop that was attached to the wall and sat on legs. This is all great except for one small problem……I’ll put a “before” picture here to see if you can spot the issue…..

Do you see it? Do you see all those lovely holes in the wall? A proper job would be to fill those holes and then paint, and that will be the eventual outcome but in the meantime, something temporary needed to be done! Bring in the trusty sewing machine, some fabric and Voila…..holes disappeared!!

Using some of the lovely Cream Sewing Machine Toss fabric by Elizabeth’s Studio featuring some of my favourite vintage machines, I created a little curtain! I cut the panel slightly longer than the actual length I needed so I could sew on some Pleater tape to provide a little bit of fullness without scrunching it so much that you couldn’t see that fabric print! I cut it taller than I needed as well so it would hang below the height of the table. On the right side of my finished curtain, I sewed on 1″ White Fastener Loop tape and then I stuck sticky back Hook tape that I had hanging around from a previous project to the back of the upper part of the desk. The pleater tape sticks to the hook tape so that’s how it is hanging!

I’m so happy with this solution and I’m so thankful that I’m in the Phase of my life where I do believe that I can make something instead of buying it!

I’d love to hear your earlies sewing memories and how you solved a dilemma with your sewing machine too!

Have a great week, stay safe, healthy and Sew On!!!!


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