Special Arrival!

There’s been a Special Arrival at Funky Monkey Fabrics…..OK wait, there’s actually been 2 special arrivals! First of all, please join me in congratulating employee Chloe and her family on welcoming a sweet new baby boy last week! He is the absolute sweetest and we wish them all the best….and are “patiently” waiting for a visit so we can get some snuggles in!

And the other special arrival isn’t anywhere as cute/adorable/amazing as a newborn baby but definitely awesome in it’s own right! So a little while back you might remember that we introduced you to the Canadian Patchwork Funky Monkey Exclusive Minky and we are pleased to say that it has been a popular one! We’ve had to have another printing as the first batch went so quick, which warms our heart! It is so great to see that you love it as much as we do!

Melissa and Angelo were so inspired by your apparent appreciation of this fabric that they decided to try something else! They took the same adorable characters from the Minky, shrunk them down and tossed them all around and came up with the cutest micro print ever but this time….it’s on a knit!!!!! Feast your eyes on all the cuteness of the Canadian Scattered Characters – Funky Monkey Exclusive Knit ……

Canadian Scattered Characters – Funky Monkey Exclusive Knit

Can you even stand how cute this is?!? That little Moose curling might be my favourite, or maybe the Bear dressed as a Mountie, oh no wait, it’s definitely the hockey playing Beaver….oh forget it, I love them all lol!!

All this cuteness inspired Melissa to gently pull her sewing machine away from her very creative and talented sewist daughter long enough to make an oh so comfy Lounge set, and was even kind enough to model it for us too!

I’m sure she was secretly wishing she didn’t actually have to work this day and instead snuggle up and settle in for some movies and snacks, she just looks so comfy!!

I love how she used our Black 10oz knit for the main sweater body and kept the pocket and the hood to really show off the Canadian Scattered Characters! And truth be told, she did change into jeans but kept the sweater on and it looked great too!

I know, I know….your next question is going to be “What patterns did she use?” so I’ll gladly link those below!

To make the pants, she used the free Walk the Plank PJ Bottoms by P4P Patterns.

Walk the Plank PJ Bottoms by P4P Patterns

For the sweater, she used the Adult Classic Sweatshirt Pattern by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop. It does cost $5 for this pattern but Melissa says it’s so easy that I’m sure you’ll use it repeatedly and the $5 fee will be well spent!

Adult Classic Sweatshirt by Peek-a-Boo Pattern Shop

What would you make with this adorable knit? An awesome little sleeper for a brand new baby? Add in a wee hat and I think you would have the best truly Canadian “bringing home baby set” ever? How about an infinity scarf? Or a head wrap? I’d love to hear your ideas of all the goodness you would/will make too!

Have a great week everyone and Happy Sewing!


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