I Love “Unique”!

Hello all and Happy Spring! It’s been the perfect spring weekend here in Ontario too……WET lol! Oh well, at least we didn’t have to shovel it right?!?

I’m still plugging away here on projects for my outdoor living space but these days it’s been more “researching” than actual “creating”…..until today!!

I happened to be on YouTube watching completely unrelated nail polish videos when I caught sight of a sewing video that I had bookmarked eons ago and wouldn’t you know, it was exactly what I needed right now!!

You might remember that I was wanting to do some kind of fun bolster pillow or just something different than the usual square toss cushions. I made the 2 larger flanged cushion covers which are great, and I will do 2 smaller square cushions but I really wanted something super fun and unique….and I found them!!! Here’s my inspiration…..

This is the 30-Minute Therapeutic Neck Pillow by SEW4HOME but honestly…..all I see is a dog bone when I look at it lol, and if you’ve been reading this Blog for any length of time, you’ll know I’m *slightly* obsessed with my dogs/any dogs so anything that looks like a dog item, or reminds me of a dog item….I’m sold lol!!

We all know I also love a quick project so 30 minutes is perfect for me….and I’m glad to report that was a very accurate amount of time!! I did 2 at the same time and I’d say around an hour and I was done….and here they are!

I absolutely love how these turned out!! Trust me, they look way cuter in real life, they’re very hard to photograph lol!

I chose just to do one handle out of webbing as hanging them up seemed like an awesome way to store them….or to have a pillow fight with them lol! Other than that, I followed the directions exactly and they worked out perfectly….exactly what I was looking for!

Ohhhh we’re getting closer folks, another project completed…this is exciting!!

Have you finished any projects lately that you’d like to share….cause we’d love to see each and every one of them!!

Have a great week and have fun creating something amazing!!


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