A New Twist!

Do you ever find yourself doing something a particular way because “that’s how I’ve always done it”?!? I’m pretty sure we would all be guilty of that in many, many aspects of our lives….recipes, painting, hair-do’s and on and on and on!! I know that I definitely am one of those people and it was brought to my attention once again this weekend in my sewing room!!

I’ll admit I haven’t had much of a yearning to sew anything in the past little while but I have had an unusual cheerleader urging me to get into the sewing room to complete my current projects…..my husband lol!! Truthfully, it’s a bit selfish on his side because he has some things he wants me to “whip up” for his new man cave and I had previously told him that I wouldn’t be able to do them until the things on my “to-make” list ahead of his were done….now do you understand his urging lol?!?

I’m sure you’re dying to know what my big revelation was so I won’t make you wait any longer…..I discovered a new way to make standard, plain old cushion covers lol!!!!

I know, I know, it sounds ridiculous but bear with me for a second while I explain!!! How many cushion covers have you made over the years of your sewing? I’m sure it’s dozens for all of us, if not more! I quite like making cushion covers of all sizes and materials, I just love how much impact replacing a cushion cover can make in a room! But the one thing that always, and I mean always drives me up the wall is those silly corners that stick up no matter what you do!!!

I’ve tried shoving extra poly-fill in the corners before inserting the pillow form, I’ve tried manipulating the pillow form to shove it into the corners….but all to no avail, those darn things just stick out!! Then one day when I was on the hunt for a unique cushion cover, I started to see tons of posts about “How to Prevent Dog Eared Cushion Covers” and my curiosity was piqued and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was not alone in my dislike of those corners!! In case I have you completely confused about that I’m rambling on about, here’s a pic from the tutorial that I followed, “How to Taper Pillow Corners” from Sailrite that shows exactly what I mean…..

Now you see it right…..when you see the 2 side by side it’s so obvious!! The cushion on the left is what mine usually look like but look at that one on the right…..a square cushion that is actually square!!

As I said, I was glad to see that I wasn’t the only one bothered by those corners and that some genius had come up with such an easy fix! You would assume that if you want a square shape, you would cut a square shape….but nope lol!!

And now I’m proud to share with you my SQUARE cushions in, of course, my favourite Premier Prints Oxford Blooms Outdoor Fabric….

Is it sad how much joy these simple cushions bring me lol?!? I love those straight clean lines soooo much lol!!!

Well, I’m sure most of you will be glad to hear that after making these 3 different types of cushions for my outdoor living area, I’m entirely done with the cushion portion and only have a couple more projects to finish and my area will be complete!! I will be requiring some nice weather so I can get out there, set it all up and take some pics so keep your fingers crossed for me!!

Have any of you tried this technique on your cushion covers? Maybe I’m just late to the game and this is how all of you have been sewing them for years lol!!!

Thanks for reading….stay safe and create something wonderful!


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