Fini, terminado, acabado, completo, cesado, afinado…..no matter how you say it, in whatever language you want, the bottom line is that I FINISHED MY OUTDOOR FURNITURE MAKEOVER!!

It hardly seems real to even be able to write that lol!! It seems like it took me so long, and in actual calendar days it does seem that way, like it’s been a long time but I think if I stop and think about the actual amount of time spent actually starting and finishing each project, that part was quicker than I expected!! If only life didn’t get in the way and prevent you from just sewing all day every day lol!!

I’m so excited to share pictures of the completely finished outdoor furniture makeover but before I do that, let me show you the last 2 projects I did!

First off, and this was easily the quickest of all the projects, was a simple tablecloth!! So simple because I just used the old one as a template which thankfully meant no complicated math lol! And yes, before you say it, I agree completely, I need new chairs to match the new colour scheme 🤣!!

Premier Prints Oxford Blooms Outdoor Fabrics

This is definitely a very basic, plain tablecloth but thankfully the lovely Bloom fabric makes it pretty and helps disguise how very boring it actually is lol! I had fully intended on adding an outdoor pre-made piping around the bottom as I had done on my previous one but since that’s something that I purchase from a *gasp* different fabric store, that’s an impossibility right now as that store is closed due to Covid! I just did a simple folded over hem so that once the stores do reopen, I can purchased and add the piping easy peasy! Right now I attach fun summer themed weights around the edge to prevent the tablecloth from going air born with the wind but I had also considered adding a weighted cord usually used in drapery but alas, something else beyond my reach at this point and time!!

Finally, I might have saved my favourite project for last lol!! Ontario mornings and evenings almost always cool off nicely in the summer, which is ideal for starting and finishing off your day outdoors! I love to head out first thing in the morning with a cup of steaming hot coffee, accompanied by my puppies of course, and I curl up in my rocking chair with a cozy blanket to ward off the early morning chill and we just enjoy the quiet before everyone else in the neighbourhood wakes up!! So of course I just had to make a new cozy blanket….right?!? With my new found minky obsession, that was a given for the back but I wasn’t sure about the front fabric until the absolutely perfect Gardening Gnomes Timeless Treasures cotton fabric arrived!!!

Gardening Gnomes on Blue by Timeless Treasures

I will of course also be using this as I’m sitting around the fire so stray sparks are a concern but one I’m willing to take lol! I did make myself feel slightly more at ease by choosing the Clearance Navy Embossed Chevron minky….clearance = less worry about sparks ruining expensive blanket lol! I had 2 yards of each fabric and since the cotton is manufactured narrower, I went ahead and followed the same Self-binding Blankety Tutorial from the Shannon Fabrics Blog that I had used previously and I’m simply in love with the finished blanket!

And with that, FINALLY, the time has come to share the complete finished project….drum roll please!!!!


Model: Dani 😁


Toss Cushions: Premier Prints Oxford Blooms Outdoor Fabric Seating Cushions: Premier Prints Jaxson Oxford Solid Navy Outdoor Fabric
Model: Minnie (no I didn’t makeover Dani into a Black Pug…she wasn’t feeling the model life this day 🤣)

Eeeeekkkkkk!!!! I’m just so proud of what I accomplished!! Like a lot of people, I am my own worst enemy in lots of instances so I’m especially glad to be able to have proved myself wrong on this one, “you are capable Shawna and you didn’t let your self-doubt get in the way…you finished a big project and you rocked it” 😂!!

Thank you all for taking this journey with me, I appreciated all your comments and encouraging words. See all those empty seats? Once we can safely do so, you’re all invited for a snack and a bevvie at the Chatten Backyard Oasis 😍!!

Have a great week every one and Happy Creating!!


2 thoughts on “Finished!”

    1. Thank you!! I think it looks very inviting…and maybe eventually we’ll have nice weather to actually enjoy it out there lol!!

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