Back to my Roots!

This week I returned to my roots, well kind of….and sadly, no I’m not referring to getting my hair coloured but boy does it need it, then I can stop walking around like this….

I’m talking about returning to my roots of sewing the thing I love the most…bags! It only took me sewing one bag pattern to realize that I had found my passion, my new favourite thing to sew, and as I was already purchasing my next bag pattern before I was completely done the first one, I knew it was already becoming an obsession! When I did finish that first bag, I was just so shocked and amazed at how great it looked, almost professional like!! Now don’t get me wrong, there was lots of flaws but unlike sewing clothing for instance, those flaws didn’t prevent it from fitting, they just made it unique lol!!

Since then I’ve made sooooooo many bags, like, so many lol!! Just when I thought my bag collection was, or should be complete, a new pattern would be released and away I’d go again! And why I certainly have certain styles of bags that I prefer (think structured, non-slouchy shoulder bags!) but I do love and welcome all kinds into my home….big, small, short or tall, all are welcome! Some are functional, serving a specific purpose and some are just there to look pretty when I carry them!

I also get great pleasure from creating little bags to go inside bigger bags to keep everything organized!!!! I love to have an orderly bag where everything has a place or a pocket to call it’s own. Things rolling around all willy-nilly in the bottom of my purse drives me crazy!! I pre-plan all my slip pockets in any bag I make….I’ll lay out my phone, my glasses or whatever I want to keep in the pockets so I can make sure each slot will fit the desired item….yes, I hear how crazy it sounds lol!

So this brings me to my latest make, a little bag full of lots of specific organization…..how exciting lol!! This free pattern comes from one of my favourite bag designers that I’ve told you about before, Blue Calla Patterns and is called “The Crocus Oil Pouch in 2 Sizes“!

FREE The Crocus Oil Pouch in 2 sizes - PDF sewing pattern
FREE The Crocus Oil Pouch in 2 sizes – PDF sewing pattern

How cute are these little pouches?!? Even though they were obviously made to hold the little bottles of oils, which is something I don’t use, I saw in the pictures submitted by the pattern testers that some had used the pouches for other purposes such as a sewing kit and to hold nail polish, both of which were of interest to me! Sooooo, here’s what I came up with:

I have a wee bit of a collection of Gel nail polish so I thought this would be a fun way to store it and keep it all nice and neat at the same time! I chose the Rainbow Stripes by Michael Miller because it made me think of the rainbow of colours available in the polishes! I normally always use zipper by the yard in a #4.5 or #5 for bag making as I prefer that look but unfortunately when I went to make these ones, I realized that while I did have enough of the zipper tape, I didn’t have enough of the pulls! I would have much preferred having the double pulls or at least the larger zipper with even just one pull but during these Covid times, shopping for these non-essential goods are not an easy thing so I used what I had available to me!! As you can see, the little pouch holds 6 bottles and the large one holds 14, 20 between the 2 so as long as I don’t buy any more, I’ll be fine…..so I’ll be making more pouches lol!!

This was a fun make that I enjoyed and was fairly quick to complete so overall I’d give this pattern 2 thumbs up and would encourage everyone to give it a try! Let me know if you’re up for the challenge!!

Have a great week of creating….stay safe and healthy!!


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