Well That’s Something New!!

Hello all and happy almost June!! Although it hasn’t been super warm the last few days here in our neck of the woods, the sun has been shining and that makes all the difference doesn’t it!!

One thing is for sure, it definitely stimulated my creative juices, which is a very good thing because my “To-Make List” has been growing lately with quite an assortment of projects, some I’m excited to tackle and some, well not as much lol!!

One project on the list is to make a couple more of the Graduation Stoles that I made last year for my photographer friend. She is “patiently” waiting for when she can start doing sessions again so I decided to complete the Stoles this weekend so that when she’s finally given the green light she’s not held up any longer by waiting for me! This year’s version has 3 colours in it so a bit more sewing and a lot more math to make sure I end up with the finished width I want, but thankfully my husband is way better at fractions than I am lol!

Now since I was already hanging out in my sewing room, I said to myself, “self, that’s great that you’re completing one project but what would really make you a superstar is if you completed 2…and if you did it at the same time!!!!!!” Not one to back down from a challenge, I took it on lol!!

And did I successfully complete both projects? Well, no, not completely but I did get all the pieces prepared and ready to go for a later sewing date so I’ll give myself a passing grade!

Working on this project did allow me to try out the OdiCoat by Odif which was new to me so that was very exciting!! When applied to a fabric, it basically seals it and the it becomes waterproof…it’s amazing!!

I followed the directions exactly as stated on the website which is to apply a thin layer using the little plastic card that comes with it (pictured above) or a paintbrush, let it dry for 20 minutes, cover it with parchment paper and iron it on a synthetic setting with no steam and then repeat the process for a total of 3 times! The fabric remains soft and pliable but has almost a shine to it! It doesn’t feel any thicker either, which I was worried it would after applying the 3 layers! It’s hard to photograph the final result but here’s the before and after!

The top piece is the treated piece and while it appears white or cloudy looking, it’s actually not at all…thats just the reflection of the sheen! I took a small scrap of it to test that it was indeed waterproof and it completely is!

It’s not perfect by any means, in spots you can see creases/wrinkles and even the odd clomp of product buildup where I didn’t apply it thin enough perhaps but the more pieces I did, and I did quite a few, I got better at it!! I’m overall very happy with the results and am eager to get going and see how it sews…but that will be in 2 weeks!!

Wondering what I’m making with this newly waterproof fabric?!? Sorry, it’s a secret for now but stay tuned….I’ll share soon 😉!!

If you’ve used this product, I’d love to hear how you used it in your projects!!

Have a great week…stay safe and healthy! Happy Creating!!


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