Waterproofed and Beach Ready!

Recently a Customer posted an amazing picture on one of our FB posts and it gave me one of those “oh yeah” moments! You know, those moments when you see something and it reminds you, as in this case, that you really wanted to make one of those too!

Fabrics: Wine Cats in Movies, Black Sunflower, Bees on Black, A Rare Occasion Vinyl Bag Mesh: Burgundy, Black Webbing: Wine, Black

This is the picture that our awesome customer Ann Porritt Rozon had shared of her fun Beach Bags using our fabrics, webbing and our Vinyl Bag Mesh! I ask you, how much fun are these…and how many of you are already scrolling down looking, no hoping I’m going to give you a pattern?!? Patience is a virtue my friends…or at least that’s what my Grandma used to tell me!!

Once upon a time, many many eons ago when we actually had customers coming in the store to shop, we would have groups of woman that would descend upon us to excitedly scoop up all the webbing and vinyl bag mesh we had in stock, which was a bit strange to us lol!! They finally let us in on a secret, that they had recently taken a class to make this particular bag at a large fabric store chain where they would, of course, be given a list of what supplies to buy at their very expensive prices. Soon word got out about this place called “Funky Monkey Fabrics” that had waaayyyy better prices and actually offered various colour options on the vinyl….hence how we ended up with these fun shoppers in our store!!!

I would continually think to myself as I was cutting their supplies that I should make one of these bags but like so many other ideas I have, it got filed in the “maybe one day” pile….until the lovely Ms. Rozon shared that pic and inspiration took over and voila…..

Fabric: Pink Flamingos On Black, (Purple Accent Fabric is no longer available) Vinyl Bag Mesh: Fuchsia Webbing: Black

….my Pink Flamingo Beach bag!!! When I look at this bag, all I think is how it’s just SO….MUCH…..FUN!!! FUN fabric, FUN colours, FUN to make and most off all I think of all the FUN that will be had when we venture out to different beaches, bag loaded with snacks and goodies galore!!

Ok, ok….now let’s talk about the pattern cause I’m still very aware that that’s what you’re patiently waiting for lol! It turns out finding a pattern, and of course, preferably a free pattern, wasn’t as easy as I assumed it would be! Lots of Google searching was happening but not with much luck! Finally I found 2, one to purchase and one free so I’ll share them both with you and then let you chose which one best suits your needs!

Pet Screen Tote Bag. Found as a “Downloadable Pattern” on the Quilting in the Pines Guild, Inc. page!

This is the free one and the one I ultimately decided to use! I will say that if you’re not an experienced bag maker, you may find a few steps slightly confusing but overall I think you would be able to figure it out….or you can message me and I’ll try to help!

The instructions said you need “batting” which I didn’t have but I did have Pellon 971F Thermolam Fusible Fleece so I decided to go with that. It did make it quite “puffy” which was fine but I’m not sure it’s really necessary so I think I’ll change this up on the next one and see if I have a preference!

Tote It sewing pattern by Nancy Ota

If you think you might need a bit more direction, the “Tote It Sewing Pattern” by Nancy Ota might be the one for you….and this one gives you a few other options so that’s also intriguing!

Now remember last week’s Blog post when I used the Odif Odicoat? Well now you know what that fabric was being used on!! I loved the idea of having a completely waterproof beach bag and yet still being able to use absolutely any fabric I wanted to, and with the Odicoat, that’s completely achievable!!

As I’m writing this post, I’ve already completed a second bag and have purchased 2 more rolls of vinyl for 2 more bags…..I think perhaps I’m addicted lol!! My addiction could pay off for you though……all I’ll say is that it might be a good idea to keep an eye on our FB page this week, just maybe, there “might” be something fun coming!?!?!?

Have you made this bag? Do you have a different pattern that you used that you’re willing to share? I’d love to know!!

Ohhhhh I almost forgot to share one final pic of my bag….a certain “someone” was in modelling mode….or maybe he just wanted to let me know that he’d like to go to the beach too lol!!

Have a great week everyone….Happy Creating!!


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