Practically Perfect!

Ohhhhh I love a fun quick sew, this is something I’ve admitted before but when that fun quick sew also happens to be something I will use almost daily, well that’s an added bonus for sure!!

We are lucky enough to be able to enjoy our lunch breaks outside in Melissa’s lovely backyard, well as long as the weather cooperates that is! I always come prepared with a cloth to clean the leaves or dirt off the table but the other day I had a thought, a clever one if I do say so myself!! What if I made a reusable and portable placemat that I could carry in my lunch bag, that way I wouldn’t have to worry about the table so much….and how cute would that be, to have my own little place setting lol!! So as I ate my lunch, I began my search for a pattern and as it quite often goes, the first place I looked was on the Sew Can She website and there it was, exactly what I was looking for under the heading “15 Cute Things to Sew for Your Table”!!

Easy to Sew Re-usable DIY Placemats for Work or Play by Sew Can She

This is exactly what I had envisioned…ok, not exactly as I assumed I would just make a double sided rectangle and that I would just fold them up between uses so this is definitely an upgraded version but I love it!!

I hit my fabric stash and found enough combinations to make 3 different placemats….to start with lol!! I totally envision making a bunch but we’ll see if time allows for that! I could see keeping one or two in the car for those impromptu picnics or even an outdoor coffee date! Really, there’s lots of times these could come in handy….how about as a gift with a set of re-usable cutlery and a straw?!? Now that’s a gift I’d love to give to all my friends!!!

For now, I’d love to share with you my placemats, but please note, not all of the fabrics I used are available for purchase! Some of the fabric is from my stash and I seriously have no idea where I got it from lol and some is now discontinued! You can absolutely use any fabrics you already have on hand for sure, they’re a great stash buster!!

Available Fabric: Black Packed Dogs
Available Fabrics: Rainbow Paw Prints, Raspberries

Fun, right? And functional……WIN WIN!!!

These were so quick and easy, the longest part was probably making the ties but if you used some twill tape or ribbon that would have been much quicker! The pattern does also include instructions on how to make a super simple napkin but I chose to skip that. I’ll be honest, I’m not a fan of cloth napkins, even in restaurants!! I just always feel so hesitant to use them, it seems wrong to get them dirty lol!!!

I’m so pleased with these and am genuinely excited for Monday’s lunch hour, and as long as that forecasted rain stays away, you know I’ll be thoroughly enjoying my pretty little placemats!

How do you feel about cloth napkins…am I the only one that feels this was lol?!?

Have a great week, happy creating!!


2 thoughts on “Practically Perfect!”

  1. I LOVE the placemats Shawna!! I am a true believer in cloth napkins. I really started using them when my boys were small and I would thrift them and once clean I had a pretty basket they would go in on the counter. My youngest son asked for some when he went away to college! This will definitely be a gift I’ll start this summer for Christmas giving! 🎁 Thanks

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    1. I absolutely love this Gail!! Perhaps that’s the thing, we never used these or had them in our house growing up, but after reading your comment, I truly wish we had!! I’m so glad I’ve inspired some Christmas gifts, those will be lucky receivers!! I really love the idea of thrifting them too, I really think I might try this!! Thanks so much for sharing Gail, I really appreciate it!!

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