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Customer Appreciation Week!

As I’m sure most of you know by now, this week at FMF we’re celebrating YOU….our Customers!!! We are so lucky that each and everyone of you support us by continuing to trust us with your business so our way of saying “thanks” is by giving you this amazing savings all week long!

So as I began to think about what this week’s blog post would be about, it suddenly hit me what the perfect topic would be……YOU!!!!! You see I’m the lucky one that gets to go through and add all your submissions to our Project Page, which I absolutely love doing, I always find such inspiration!! Each month I go through all the submissions and chose one that “speaks to me” and they get featured on our Facebook page and, not that it’s a big deal or anything, but they win a $50 store credit….just kidding, that’s a huge deal!!!!!!!!

Without further adieu, I’d love to share with you each month’s winner starting in April 2020, soon you’ll see why I’m so inspired and in awe of these amazing makers and their makes! Enjoy!!

April 2020 – Judy H. made these amazing little friends using Shannon Fabrics Kits and soooo many of our fabrics!! They looked like “store quality” to me, so well done and so fun!

May 2020 – Theresa M. shared these incredible Table Runners she made using Jelly Rolls. I’m not a quilter buy even I can see how awesome these are and how impeccably well they’re done!

June 2020 – Jaisie K. made this most unique dog collar!! I’ve seen many unique dog collars in my time but never one quite like this….so fun!!

July 2020 – Laurie D. not only shared these super cute bucket hats with us, but also did such a great job modelling them!! Protecting our skin from the sun is no joke but being able to do it AND look this cute is a WIN WIN for me!!

August had no submissions, not one….can you believe it?!? Don’t let this travesty happen again people….SUBMIT, SUBMIT, SUBMIT😊!!

September 2020 – Rebecca S. shared these super cute little Pom Pom pants that she made for her daughter using Fuchsia 10oz knit, saying “I wanted to make something extravagant and a bit crazy for my daughter”….well Rebecca, I love them and know think that everyone needs some Pom Pom pants in their lives!!

October 2020 – Colleen M. shared this stunning squirrel….I mean, come on, this is amazing!!!!! The workmanship is unreal, colour choice are perfect….it’s all just amazing!!

November 2020 – Kimberly H. made the freshest peach blanket, can anyone else almost smell the peaches lol? And then packages it like a pie?!? Perfection!!!

December 2020 – Chris shared this shirt and I was in awe!! I quite often wonder what people will make with certain fabrics, such as this Avocado print, and to see it in a shirt, well, that’s just so fun!!

January 2021 – Kelley B. waxes fabrics with locally sourced beeswax to make earth friendly beeswax wraps……..AMAZING!!

February 2021 – Melissa V. made these crazy stunning wings for her daughter….and she was a fairly new sewer at the time!!!!!

March 2021 – Michelle T. is an amazing Bag Maker and this set shows exactly that! She pairs fabrics together that one would not think would work together but they always do!! Always fun to see what she comes up with !

April 2020 – Jessie W. shared this completely amazing dress and I was blown away….and then I read that she had made it out of Double Gauze and my jaw hit the floor!!!! The amount of time and effort that she must have put into this incredible dress seems mind-boggling, but looking at the completed project, she must be so darn proud of herself, she certainly should be!

May 2021 – Ann R. shared with us these super fun mesh beach bags and we all loved them so much, we decided to have a Staff Sewing Meeting to sew our own!! We loved how she paired the fabrics, the mesh and the webbing!! Such great bags!!

June 2021 – Rose C. shared this sweet sun hat that she made out of our Cork fabric…whatttttt?!? I use Cork quite often in bag making of course but this hat is stunning!

So there you have it!! Now you can see why I love this part of my job, being able to see the creativity that our Customers have is mind blowing!!

If you want to see even more of the projects submitted to us, just check out the Projects Link on our Website, it’s the place to go for Inspiration for sure! And while you’re there, make sure to add your pictures of things that you’ve made with our products….you might just find yourself with a $50 store credit!!

Thanks so much once again to all of you, we appreciate your support more than you’ll ever know!!

Have a great week….Happy Creating!


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