One Year Later!

Somehow a whole year has passed since I sewed up my first Minky Baby Shower set!! That little baby, Charlie, recently celebrated her first birthday so of course, this maker just had to make her something….right?!?

For a fraction of a second I thought about making her a new blanket but I still see lots of pics with the original one PLUS her Grandma, my friend, had me make blankets for the whole family, including Charlie so that means she already has two lol!!

Somewhere along the line I had decided I wanted to make her a little backpack to carry some treats and toys in, I mean honestly, shouldn’t a one year old be responsible enough to start toting her own stuff lol?!?

The perfect little simple backpack is the Begonia Backpack by Blue Calla, and while it’s pretty small already, I was pretty sure I could figure out how to make it even smaller, you know, small enough for a one year old to carry lol!! I’m always a big fan of someone else doing the hardwork whenever possible so I did a quick search of the Blue Calla Facebook group and thankfully, found exactly what I was looking for!!!

This amazing FB member, Brittany W., had done exactly what I wanted to do, make a bag for a wee little one and she was kind enough to share how she did it….which I was beyond thrilled to see because it was more complicated than I had thought lol!!

So with the perfect pattern chosen, all that was left to do was pick the fabrics, which was super easy as I had a theme already….CATS!! Charlie and her Mommy love their cat lots and lots and since we have so many fun kitty fabrics, it seemed perfect PLUS I had one other little “thing” I wanted to try with this bag, also cat related lol!!

Is the suspence of this bag driving you crazy yet lol?!? Ok, ok….here it is….see if you can figure out what the other “thing” is lol…..

Fabrics: Cat People (discontinued), Pastel Tye Dye for top band and interior, Hot Pink Stardust Vinyl

Eeekkkk….isn’t that the cutest, the funnest, the quirkiest, the bestest bag for a one year old ever?!?

Did you do it, did you spot the “thing”? If not, I’ll give you a hint, it has to do with that kitty face on the bottom panel!! I’ll also tell you that I don’t own an embroidery machine, so how did I get that kitty face?? Ready for the answer?!?

That’s right….it’s one of the masks from the Multi I’m Actually Smiling Mask Panel!!!! I’ve seen people using these panels up in several different types of bags, which looks awesome and I knew I wanted to try it….several times lol! I added a little bit of the Cat People fabric on each side to make the panel the width I needed and it worked out perfect!! Now my Custom bag was even more Custom!!

I’m so happy that my wee little bag turned out as great as I was imagining it would! The parents loved it to and within minutes of receiving it, they had it on little Charlie and shared this candid photo with me, which I love cause I can see that the size is pretty much perfect, with growing room too!

What have you been sewing lately….or have you been?!? Maybe it’s just been too warm to be inside sewing where you are, maybe you’re soaking up every single ray of sunshine that you can!! Whatever it is you’re doing, I hope it makes you happy!


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