Quick and Cute!

Don’t worry…this post is not going to contain any reference to “those tables runners” that I keep talking about lol!!

This week I tried, and fell in love with, a new wallet pattern! This is one of those patterns that just kept popping up in my social media feeds so I finally gave in and checked it out properly! Right off the bat I was impressed because the Designer provides FREE video tutorials for her patterns, and we all know how happy that makes me lol! So not only did I watch her video but I also watched 2 other videos from Makers that I follow and enjoy! I was convinced, even though there was a few techniques I have never used in bag/wallet making which required a couple of notions I didn’t own, I was still sure I wanted to do it!

This is it, the fun little Purse Pal by Linds Handmade! I was immediately drawn to the slim and compact design but what I really loved was that it still allowed you to carry everything you need in a wallet! The side slip pocket is perfect for cash or receipts and the zip pocket can hold a ton of change, heck, even some gum and a lip gloss if you so desired! So, here for your viewing pleasure, is my first fun little Purse Pal!

I know, I know, super cute right?!? So one of the new techniques for me was leaving a raw edge!! This pattern must be made out of vinyl, leather or cork, in other words, a non-fraying fabric that has some substance (weight) to it as there is no interfacing required for any of the 5 pieces of fabric! No, that wasn’t a typing error, there is only 5 pieces of fabric total!

I decided to use fabrics I had on hand since I knew I had to purchase a couple of notions that I don’t normally use, a 505 spray and 1/4″ Wash Away Wonder Tape. I have lots of vinyl and cork but I ultimately decided to use this Rainbow Cork we used to carry which truthfully was a bit too “wild and crazy” for me to use as a whole bag exterior but for a wee project like this, I thought it would be super fun and vibrant! You also need a small piece of cotton for the zip pocket lining so once again I dove into my stash and found an also discontinued fabric! For the card slot linings she gives you a few options, one of them being a light cotton so I used a black Kona I had left over from mask making days! Grab a small 5″ zipper (I use zipper by the yard), a snap and you’re good to go! Oh yes, and I can’t forget the little scrap of a Pink Stardust Vinyl I chose for the closure strap just for an extra little pop of colour and sparkle!

The longest part of this pattern was the prep, getting those card slots cut is a bit tedious but well worth it in my opinion! And something else cool is that she also included SVG files so if you have a Cricut machine, this whole pattern could be cut out on there….PERFECTO!! Sooooo I went out and bought a new Cricut Maker machine lol!! That’s not a joke, I really did go buy one but not just because of this pattern alone lol!!!

So the moral of this story is don’t always ignore those social media ads, you just never know if you’ll discover your next new favourite thing lol! There are so many patterns on the Linds Handmade site that I’m eager to try, she just has such fresh, new ways of doing things that make sense…to me anyways lol!

I hope you have a great week and find the time to enjoy the sunshine but still create something amazing!



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