Just Doing It!

This post is going to be pretty short and sweet as really this is just a Part 1, or a “come along on this journey/transformation with me” kind of post!

I’ve been talking about my “soon to be new sewing room” for awhile now and this past weekend I just decided it was time to get’er started! We have this extra room in our basement that has no particular use to us so therefore I’m sure you know what gets put in there, right?!? Anything that isn’t being used at that exact moment or doesn’t have a proper home, yup, that’s where it ends up! It’s also not a completely separate room as it is one of two ways to get to our TV room. The other way is through the laundry room where my current sewing room is so I’m obviously used to people coming and going as I’m sewing away lol!

You may be wondering why I’ve just been in the “talking about a new sewing room stage” for so long, other than procrastination of course lol, just move your stuff over Shawna and away you go. Well, I can sum up the problem in 3 words……FAKE WOOD PANELING!! Yup, the room is covered in it, well, 3 walls anyway. The room was briefly my husband’s home office when Covid first hit and he got tired of everyone laughing at his “fake wood wall” behind him in his Zoom meetings so he tore down the paneling and drywalled it lol! It’s actually worse than just the fake wood paneling you’re probably imagining too, it’s actually squares of fake wood so each square was individually hung up with many, many nails! It took him so long to take that one wall done, I had already decided ages ago that I was just going to paint over it! I googled it and found that it is easily done, just clean, prime and paint! That seemed way less time and effort and I will just embrace all the “rustic features” that reveal themselves, embrace them or hang something over top of them, either will work lol!

Oh, and I can’t forget to tell you about the flooring too. Think green indoor/outdoor felt perhaps, the kind you glue down….you know what I mean?!? Can you just imagine the chaos that would ensue if I left that down, how every thread would weave itself through the felt fibers, never ever to be persuaded to leave?!? That’s a huge NO THANK YOU lol!!

So now I’ll share my before pics, just so you can see where we started….

And now, here’s our progress pic! Walls are done, flooring is ripped up and as soon as we figure out what we’re doing for flooring, we’ll get on that so we can get it all done! Note, that green area around the perimeter is where the carpeting was glued down, I didn’t want you to think it was mold like I first did when I saw it lol!

It’s so much brighter already, I’m seeing the potential develop before my very eyes!!

Do you have a dedicated sewing/crafting space? What’s your favourite part of it? What would you love to change about it?

I hope you all have an amazing week and find some time to do something just for you, be that whatever is best for you! Enjoy friends!



4 thoughts on “Just Doing It!”

  1. I previously used part of a spare bedroom. In March of this year we moved our laundry from the unfinished basement upstairs. ( We live in Manitoba and the flood forecast ” told us this was the year”).

    My laundry room/ sewing room/office now share a small bedroom on the main floor of our bungalow.

    A disaster right now, but it’s dry, not musty AND…I can shut the door!

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    1. I love that you still have a dedicated sewing space on the main floor and especially that you can close the door! I do always feel kind of like I have to keep mine clean cause there is no door, in the old space or the new space, but maybe that’s better lol!! Thanks for sharing Melanie!

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