New Space Update!

Here we are, it’s time for the update you’re all eagerly awaiting for I’m sure! It’s been 2 weeks since we started work on transforming our no-purpose room into a room with a lot of purpose…my new sewing/home office/Cricut space and we’ve come so far, in fact, we’re almost done!!

Truthfully we didn’t do much this week as we had some very special guests for the week…our son, Jordon and his girlfriend Kim came from Victoria, BC!! Obviously we spent every second with them that we could but they did come to visit other people so when they headed off, I did manage to squeeze in some work and some organizing…and it felt good!

All the furniture has been moved in, the floor has been painted, my machine is set up, all my notions are there…basically I can say that the room could be done right this second….however, and this is a big thing for me….there’s no personality, no SHAWNA lol!! Nothing says “this is definitely Shawna’s space” and I don’t like it lol! I can fully admit that I’m drawn to “cold colours” in my decorating! I always start off with a grey for the walls and then add in whites, blacks and dark greys…exciting right lol?!? I just prefer the clean slate it provides me and then the real fun begins when I personalize it and add some warmth with textiles, plants, pieces of art, etc.!

As I mentioned, we ended up painting the floor a nice glossy gun metal grey/black. The cement floor is definitely not smooth or flat, it appears to look kind of textured in areas. I just couldn’t find a flooring I wanted in my price range, which is pretty low lol! In other words…I’M CHEAP lol!! Spending $200-$300 seems ridiculous to me for a room that’s just for me, I just couldn’t do it! We’ll keep looking and if some inexpensive alternative comes up, we’ll jump on it but in the meantime this will do! I have an idea that I’m going to try to give it some pizazz so stay tuned for that one lol!

So that’s the pictures I’ll share with you now, the done but not really done stage!

There you are, the “oh so cold and absolutely sterile looking space” as she is right now lol, but can you see how close we are?!? As I said, this is when it gets fun for me so I’m excited to tackle these projects, especially 2 of them that I’ve never done before!!

I hope you’re having fun going on this journey with me cause I’m thrilled to share it with people that understand my excitement! My husband is amazing and so supportive but he doesn’t always understand my “why”, where as I know you do!!

So until we meet again for the 3rd and final update, I shall bid you adieu! I hope you have an amazing week and create something amazing!


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