Change of Plans!

I totally thought this Blog post was going to be me sharing a new little specific type of bag with you that I made for a doggie event we were planning on attending on Saturday buttttt that all changed!!

“Best laid plans”, am I right lol?!? I had my pattern all ready to go, well I guess I should say my SVG files all ready, fabric and notions ready but then I remembered something else very important that I needed to make….a bag for my son!! I’m sure I’ve said before that it’s not very often, if ever really lol, that my son asks me to make him something but for Christmas 5 years ago I surprised him with an overnight bag I made as a gift and he loved it and has used it ever since! When we saw him on Father’s Day, he mentioned that his bag had finally had it’s first “issue”, which truthfully, I can’t even remember what it was but he asked, yes you read that right lol, he ASKED me if I’d be willing to make him another one cause he loved it so much!!!!!!!!

I was so cool when I replied, “sure, whatever, if you want I guess I can”…..just kidding, I was so excited/happy/proud/ecstatic that he could go and buy whatever bag he wanted but instead he asked me to make another one!! What was also cute was he said I could even use the same materials cause he really liked them!!!! Double yay cause I still have tons of that fabric lol!! It took me awhile to go through pictures from that long ago but I found it, here’s the original bag:

This is a Blue Calla Pattern called The Dogwood Travel Duffel Bag and while it looks like it could be kind of an intimidating sew, the pattern is written so well that it’s quite easy to make up! This one I did on my old trusty Brother so there was a few points that gave my machine a workout but overall, other than I quite dislike the yucky top stitching stitches lol, I was very pleased with the finished result! This fabric was an upholstery remnant that I purchased for $5 and there was about 4 yards of it, hence why I still have so much of it lol! I am making a couple of changes to it to make it look more, ummmm, “him” lol. It’s going to to be even more plain, geez, that sounds kinda rude but I just mean they, as in him and his girlfriend, just like more subtle things, nothing really loud, more……and I’m back to the word plain but I’m honestly not trying to be rude about it lol! As for the interior/lining, I was thinking I’d have to wait till I go in to work Monday to purchase a solid Kona because the pattern calls for 2 yds of fabric for it and I don’t have 2 yds of anything at home but as luck would have it, as I was digging this fabric out I discovered another upholstery remnant that is perfect!! Both fabrics are heavier than quilting cottons so the best part of using them is that I don’t have to interface either of them with SF101!!!!!!!! I will still do the fleece, the peltex and the foam but not having to interface with SF101 is a game changer!! I had my pattern pieces cut out and ready to go so unbelievably quick!!

So there we are, there’s my 2 main fabrics! The pattern does call for clear vinyl to make a pocket so I’ll have to cut that still and I just ordered my hardware for the adjustable strap from Emmaline Bags but that doesn’t affect the actual sewing up of the bag so whenever it arrives will be great! I’m also thinking about using seatbelt webbing for the strap and since it calls for 1.5″ width, which is not something I use regularly, I had to place an order for it from a new favourite Canadian shop I recently found, Zipper Valley, along with a few other goodies of course lol!

Did I mention that his birthday is next weekend so I’ve given myself exactly a week to “whip” this bag up lol?!? I’m sure it’ll be fine….right lol?!?

I’m sure you won’t be surprised when I say I gotta go….I gotta go sew lol! I hope you have an amazing week and if you’re looking for me I’ll be at work and then at my sewing machine lol!



2 thoughts on “Change of Plans!”

  1. Hi, I’m new to bag making, I feel like I’m ready for it, after 2 years of sewing clothes for myself and my daughter (who loves all things pink and sparkly). There are a lot of different fusible fleece interfacing, which one did you use for this? How do you know which one is right for which project?


    1. Hi there!! Oh you’re definitely ready for it! It’s true that there are a lot of different Fusible Fleece out there and through trial and error I found the one I prefer which is thermolan. I like the thickness and the density/weight of it. It’s probably just personal preference but that’s my favourite and the one I use for all my bags when they call for fleece! If you’re ever unsure of which one to use I would suggest going through pictures of the project you’re making and if you see one you like, ask the maker what they used! You can always ask the designer for suggestions too! Before you invest in a large amount of one kind, just buy enough to make a project and try it out and see how you like it! And whatever you do….LABEL IT so you know which one is which lol! Good luck and have fun!


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