And It’s Done!

Hello all!! When last we chatted here, I was furiously working to complete my son’s bag for his birthday and I wish I could say I got it done in time for his birthday, but I didn’t, however, that was completely my choice! I was working away on it on Friday as soon as I could, all day Saturday and then I had a huge revelation that I didn’t NEED to be working that hard on it as it wasn’t even his actual present….and seriously, even if it was his present, would he care if it wasn’t done that exact day? Nope lol! I felt myself starting to panic, that “oh my God I’m never going to get it done” kind of feeling was lurking in the back of my mind on Saturday and then of course, you start to rush things which you know what happens then right? Yup, you start to make stupid mistakes!! I envisioned myself not going to bed till it was done and then…….NOPE lol!! And up until this panic set in, I was remembering how much I love making those big bags, you know, the ones with a billion steps lol! So I kept working on the bag for a bit longer on Saturday evening at a better pace and when I left my sewing room that night, I was happy and content with my progress and was truly happy with how the bag was coming along!

So here’s the whole story for you in picture form lol!

Pretty awesome bag….if I do say so myself lol! I convinced my husband to model the bag so you could get an idea of the size of the bag in case you’ve never seen one! This bag, the Dogwood Travel Dufffel Bag by Blue Calla Sewing Patterns is, in my opinion, the perfect travel bag! We’ve all heard the nightmare airport stories lately and that the best solution for luggage is to just take carry-on’s if possible so this would be perfect!

So as you can see, the bag is very similar to the first one I made him with a few subtle changes.

  • this time I chose to use 1.5″ seatbelt webbing from Zipper Valley for the adjustable strap. I’m a huge fan of this webbing, I love the look of it, the feel of it and how easy it is to whip up a strap! Check out Zipper Valley, she has every colour possible and in different widths!
  • I went with a fabric flap for the Front Cargo Pocket instead of vinyl as I wanted a more blended look. I added Decovil 526 Interfacing to give it structure
  • for the two top handles I did a combination of exterior fabric and black vinyl to give it structure. I put a layer of Pellon 971F Fusible Fleece interfacing in the fabric side
  • you might notice that in the first pictures the grommets are considerably smaller. After my husband wore it modelling for me, I noticed that the snap together grommets I had used were sliding up and as I was checking them over, they completely came out of the holes! Thankfully I had the larger screw in ones you see in the last pictures. It was a bit of work getting them in there but once they were, I was much happier with them as they didn’t move at all! I did glue them in as well for extra hold. For the record, I don’t enjoy grommets lol!
  • my son loves turtles so to add a bit of fun, and colour lol, I used Fab Sea Turtles for inside the front pocket as well as the interior zipper pocket. I used our Premium Clear Vinyl for the interior pocket as well, and made a binding for it using black vinyl
  • this time I used the FREE Shoulder Strap Pad pattern from Linds Handmade Designs to add a no-binding strap pad! It literally took 10 minutes and just used scraps but adds a lot to the bag! It can slide over the 1.5″ swivel hook so if he decides he doesn’t need it on there, he can just take it off!

I think that about sums up the bag! I’m so happy with how it turned out and the only kind of “negative” thing that came out of this whole project is now I have orders for 2 more lol!!! My husband was checking it all over after his modelling session and asked when his would be ready lol! My daughter Ella says she needs one too so ok, 2 more bags to come lol!

Have any of you ever made the Dogwood Travel bag before, or any of Blue Calla patterns? Do you have a favourite? I’d love to compare stores…..I certainly love this bag by my all-time Blue Calla pattern would be a tie between the Snowdrop Satchel and the Boronia Bowler!

Off I go, I’m feeling the need to do some Cricut-ting lol!! Have an amazing week, try to stay cool and create something amazing!



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